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  • 1Án tillits03:22
  • 2Mógrá02:32
  • 3Beautiful Skin03:04
  • 4Innan handar03:53
  • 5Umboðsmaður almættisins02:16
  • 6Bergur Þórisson02:39
  • 7Ferlegur02:16
  • 8Tilbrigði við tillitsleysi01:44
  • 9Clean Teeth03:36
  • 10Tumi Árnason02:29
  • Total Runtime27:51

Info zu Án tillits

Magnús Jóhann Ragnarsson and Skúli Sverrisson combine their forces for an album of new music arranged by the duo. Magnús Jóhann is a piano player and record producer that has pursued a diverse range of styles in his work along with being one of the most active performers in Iceland. Skúli is a bass player and one of Iceland’s most renowned jazz musicians, he has released solo albums along with appearing on hundreds of recordings and collaborated with a vast amount of international artists of all kinds. In 2020 Magnús and Skúli recorded new material by Magnús which he composed for the duo at Sigurrós’ legendary Sundlaugin studio. The music is impressionistic and full of exciting textures. Improvisation is also involved and together the duo investigates various destinations within their music with the trust they have developed through their playing.

For the most part, here is what this record contains: two human beings, sitting in a room, playing their instruments over the course of a single day. To my ears, reared on the obfuscatory wizardry of modern studiocraft, this is initially nerve-wracking: here is an actual moment in time, shared between two friends, and I am intruding. I should not be here. Thinking about it as a concert performance does help, but only to a degree. At concerts, the audience doesn’t sit with an ear against the grand piano. They don’t crouch so close to the bass strings that they feel the air vibrate. More importantly, concerts have an audience, and its presence alters the dynamic. This, by contrast, feels less like a performance than a high-fidelity wiretap of a conversation. Is this okay? Still I listen on, because it is good music, and over time my senses adjust. This is okay. This is okay. We’re okay. (Steingrímur Teague)

Magnús Jóhann Ragnarsson, grand piano
Skúli Sverrisson, double bass

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