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FLAC 44.1 $ 12,80
  • Max Richter:
  • 1Andras (Arr. F. Sacchi for Electric Harp)02:46
  • Roberto Cacciapaglia:
  • 2Temple of Sound (Arr. F. Sacchi for Electric Harp)03:42
  • Nils Frahm:
  • 3Hammers (Arr. F. Sacchi for Electric Harp)03:05
  • Clint Mansell:
  • 4Requiem for a Dream (Lux Aeterna) [Arr. F. Sacchi for Electric Harp]04:40
  • Clint Mansell:
  • 5Welcome to Lunar Industries (Arr. F. Sacchi for Electric Harp)06:15
  • Tiësto:
  • 6Adagio for Strings (After S. Barber) [Arr. F. Sacchi for Electric Harp]02:59
  • Nils Frahm:
  • 7Said and Done (Arr. F. Sacchi for Electric Harp)10:00
  • Max Richter:
  • 8Europe After the Rain (Arr. F. Sacchi for Electric Harp)05:28
  • Joe Hisaishi:
  • 9Silencio du Park Guëll (Arr. F. Sacchi for Electric Harp)02:54
  • Roberto Cacciapaglia:
  • 10Antartica (Arr. F. Sacchi for Electric Harp)04:58
  • Vladimir Ivanovich Martinov:
  • 11The Beatitudes (Arr. F. Sacchi for Electric Harp)04:26
  • Floraleda Sacchi:
  • 12We Arrive from Far Away07:54
  • Ólafur Arnalds:
  • 13Till the End (Arr. F. Sacchi for Electric Harp)02:57
  • Ólafur Arnalds:
  • 14Near Light (Arr. F. Sacchi for Electric Harp)02:55
  • Total Runtime01:04:59

Info zu #Darklight

Often I was asked why I play the harp. I think this fully joins my contrasts. Restlessness and curiosity accompany me and thus the Darklight (not an oxymoron, but an extreme perception of eyes and mind) is a state of flow.

In this state of mind, I compose or arrange combining acoustic and digital means, without distinguishing where it ends a delay and starts a pad created with a violin bow on the strings of the harp; without caring where it acts a digital filter or a rubber damper on the strings, which one is an harmonic or a compressed sample. I worked with open mind simply trying to recreate the music sounding in my head.

I find it fascinating to work with an acoustic instrument and electronics (a form of handicraft that requires hours of dedication as needed to play a musical instrument) and the combination gives an incredible means to create something extremely personal. This collection includes many famous pieces and is young: the oldest piece is 16 years old. Fortunately it is difficult to place this album in a genre.

Floraleda Sacchi, harp

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