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Label: Columna Música

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Instrumental

Interpret: Magí Garcías Frau & Diego Hervalejo

Komponist: Frederic Mompou (1893-1987)

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FLAC 48 $ 13,20
  • Frederic Mompou (1893 - 1987):
  • 1Mompou: Plany I - Impressions Íntimes01:17
  • 2Mompou, Hervalejo: Refractio I. (Diego Hervalejo)01:11
  • 3Mompou: Plany II - Impressions Íntimes.02:00
  • 4Mompou, Hervalejo: Refractio II. (Diego Hervalejo)01:41
  • 5Mompou: Plany III - Impressions Íntimes.00:46
  • 6Mompou, Hervalejo: Refractio III. (Diego Hervalejo)00:32
  • 7Mompou: Plany IV - Impressions Íntimes.01:30
  • 8Mompou, Hervalejo: Refractio IV. (Diego Hervalejo)01:46
  • 9Mompou: Pájaro triste - Impressions Íntimes.03:04
  • 10Mompou, Hervalejo: Pájaro triste - Refractio. (Diego Hervalejo)01:49
  • 11Damunt de tu només les flors. (Diego Hervalejo)04:04
  • 12Refractio Vol. I - Complete experience (Diego Hervalejo)21:57
  • Total Runtime41:37

Info zu Refractio Vol.1: Mompou

“Refractio” is a project that generates a dialogue between the performance of a work and an improvisation in response. Just as light transforms its appearance when it changes medium, the musical work is also diluted within the improvisation, which in a certain way deconstructs what the listener has just heard and builds it up again using a contemporary language.

In this first volume of Refractio, published by Columna Música, music by Frederic Mompou is played because of its strong connection with the instrument. In Mompou's music, the piano is the absolute vehicle of an intimate, tender, enigmatic, dark, simple and, above all: free universe. It is this freedom combined with his unique artistic personality that has created a space in which to begin this musical adventure. The two young Mallorcan musicians Diego Hervalejo and Magí Garcías embark on this journey with a desire to continue, and on this occasion, they have the collaboration of the artist Clara Fiol, who with her voice and Diego's arrangement reinvents the mythical song "Damunt de tu només les flors".

Magí Garcías Frau, piano
Diego Hervalejo, piano

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