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  • Niklas Sivelöv (b.1968):
  • 1Tea Harvest in Fujian02:39
  • 2Shepherd Boy and Weaver Girl03:52
  • 3Continuum I02:57
  • 4Rainbow03:40
  • 5Beijing Dawn06:12
  • 6Wind-scattered Autumn Leaves03:07
  • 7Reminiscence I00:18
  • 8Blue Typhoon05:31
  • 9Reminiscence II00:58
  • 10Following the Stream03:47
  • 11Night Chase05:06
  • 12Continuum II02:45
  • 13Searching for the Old Temple in the Forest03:33
  • 14Magic Garden07:05
  • 15Continuum III02:26
  • 16Reminiscence III00:58
  • 17The Consort Leaves the Palace in Despondence04:13
  • 18Sailing Away on the Liu Yang River on an Autumn Evening04:15
  • Total Runtime01:03:22

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Improvisation recordings with Chinese traditional instruments and piano. Niklas Sivelöv and the Music Confucius Institute Ensemble in Copenhagen are building musical bridges between Western music, both Classical and Jazz and traditional Chinese music through the art of Improvisation. The traditional Chinese instruments pipa (lute), erhu (bowed string instrument), guqin and guzheng (7- and 21-stringed zithers), zhudi and xiao (end-blown and transverse flutes) not only add new dimensions of sound to the piano, but also bring the motifs and themes of their own traditional repertoire into the mix, resulting in an interplay of not only instrumental sounds, but also musical ideas and perspectives.

Niklas Sivelöv, piano

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