Musica Warmiensis Vol. 2: Grünheis, Rieder, Kayser, Ivančić Cappella Warmiensis Restituta & Mikołaj Zgółka

Cover Musica Warmiensis Vol. 2: Grünheis, Rieder, Kayser, Ivančić

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Label: DUX Recording Producers

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Vocal

Interpret: Cappella Warmiensis Restituta & Mikołaj Zgółka

Komponist: Antonius Grünheis, Amando Ivancic (1727–1758), Isfrid Kayser 1712–1771), Ambros Rieder (1771-1855)

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FLAC 96 $ 13,20
  • Antonius Grünheis: Sinfonia in D major:
  • 1Grünheis: Sinfonia in D major: Allegro assai02:41
  • 2Grünheis: Sinfonia in D major: Andantino01:42
  • 3Grünheis: Sinfonia in D major: Presto04:02
  • Ambros Rieder (1771 - 1855): Alma Dei Creatoris:
  • 4Rieder: Alma Dei Creatoris04:53
  • 5Kayser: Aria de confessore: Amavit eum Dominus05:53
  • 6Kayser: Aria de confessore: Et ad portas01:35
  • Amando Ivančić (1727 - 1758): Litaniae Lauretanae de Beata Virgine Maria:
  • 7Ivančić: Litaniae Lauretanae de Beata Virgine Maria: Kyrie03:54
  • 8Ivančić: Litaniae Lauretanae de Beata Virgine Maria: Sancta Maria04:10
  • 9Ivančić: Litaniae Lauretanae de Beata Virgine Maria: Virgo Prudentssima02:49
  • 10Ivančić: Litaniae Lauretanae de Beata Virgine Maria: Rosa Mystica05:05
  • 11Ivančić: Litaniae Lauretanae de Beata Virgine Maria: Infirmorum02:43
  • 12Ivančić: Litaniae Lauretanae de Beata Virgine Maria: Regina Angelorum02:19
  • 13Ivančić: Litaniae Lauretanae de Beata Virgine Maria: Agnus Dei04:54
  • 14Ivančić: Litaniae Lauretanae de Beata Virgine Maria: Adagio – Agnus Dei – Kyrie02:58
  • Total Runtime49:38

Info zu Musica Warmiensis Vol. 2: Grünheis, Rieder, Kayser, Ivančić

This new release from DUX presents world premiere recordings of pieces of Polish sacred music from the late 18th and early 19th centuruies. Musica Warmiensis Vol. 2, is a continuation of a project, founded by the director of the Warmia Metropolitan Seminary "Hosianum" in Olsztyn, Rev. Dr. Tomasz Garwolinski.

This series of releases unearths from the depths of history works of sacred music from the second half of the 18th and the first half of the 19th centuries, once performed by church bands existing in Warmia.

Performers on this recording: Ingrida Gapova; Piotr Olech; Aleksander Rewinski; Piotr Pieron; Cappella Warmiensis Restituta

The works are mostly vocal-instrumental compositions of a sacred character: arias, vespers, litanies, offertories, graduals, masses, but also symphonies and others, mostly dedicated to the band of Dobre Miasto.

The record is crowned by the Litaniae Lauretanae de Beata Virgine Maria [Litany of Loretto to the Blessed Virgin Mary] by Amando Ivancic (1727?1758). Ivancic belonged to the Pauline order, active in Austria. He composed for the Cistercians and the Paulines, as well as for other orders. He wrote mainly works on religious themes and for performance during liturgies and services.

Antonius Grunhei[s]'s Symphony in D Major, is not a typically religious composition, but a secular, rather cheerful one. It consists of three movements, with a solo part for flute within the second movement.

The composer of Alma Dei Creatoris is Ambros Rieder, who lived between 1771 and 1855. His oeuvre is extensive: he wrote religious works (masses, requiems, vespers, cantata compositions), but also compositions for organ (fugues, preludes) and string quartets.

Aria de confessore consists of two movements: Amavit eum Dominus and Et ad portas. It was composed by the Norbertine monk Isfrid Kayser. The first movement is performed by the tenor, while the second movement is performed by all soloists.

Ingrida Gapova, soprano
Piotr Olech, counter-tenor
Aleksander Rewinski, tenor
Piotr Pieron, bass
Cappella Warmiensis Restituta
Mikołaj Zgółka, conductor

Mikołaj Zgółka
He studied at universities in Poland, Switzerland and Germany. As a soloist and chamber musician, he won prizes in national and international competitions. Historical performance is in the centre of his interests, with particular emphasis on violin music at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries, chamber music of the second half of the18th century and early Romanticism.

Mikołaj Zgółka has given concerts in almost all European countries. He has collaborated — as a concertmaster or chamber musician — with many early music ensembles in Poland and abroad, such as Collegium Musicum Stuttgart, Berlin Baroque, Allegria Musicale (Switzerland), Collegium Marianum (Prague), Wrocław Baroque Ensemble, Consortium Sedinum and Orchestra of the Academy of Early Music Foundation in Szczecin.

He is the 1st violinist and co-founder of the Musicarius quartet, as well as the concertmaster and initiator of the Polish-German ensemble Neue Pohlnische Capelle, whose activity focuses on reviving the culture and music of the Saxon court in Dresden and Warsaw. This activity has resulted in bringing many interesting and forgotten works back to musical life, as well as scientific and popularising publications.

Besides, he also cooperates with other remarkable orchestras like Wrocław Baroque Orchestra, Dresdner Festspielorchester, Anima Eterna, Gabrieli Consort and Players.

Mikołaj Zgółka has taken part in dozens of recordings published, among others by Polskie Radio, DUX, CD Accord, RecArt, and Deutsche Grammophon; CD with the works of Grzegorz Gerwazy Gorczycki, which he recorded together with the Wrocław Baroque Ensemble conducted by Andrzej Kosendiak, was awarded the Music Prize of the City of Wrocław 2013.

Mikołaj Zgółka is a doctor of arts and runs the Baroque violin class at the Academy of Music in Poznań. He also teaches theoretical subjects, including rhetoric, that has been absent in university education so far. He has taught master classes in Lidzbark Warmiński, Jarosław and Magdeburg.

As president of the Society of Lovers of Culture and Art, he is the initiator of many artistic undertakings. Several times, he has managed music festivals in Poland. For his activity he was honoured by the Poznań music circles with the Flis Award (2012) and the Medal of the Young Positivist (2016), awarded by the Hipolit Cegielski Society. In 2013, together with the Musicarius quartet, he received a commemorative award of the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. His solo CD with world premiere recording of Carl Höckh`s violin sonatas was awarded with Supersonic Music Award in 2019 and nominated to International Classical Music Awards in 2020.

Mikołaj Zgółka plays an Aegidius Kloz violin from 1793 and a copy of Giovanni Paolo Maggini’s violin from 1629, made by Krzysztof Krupa.

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