Jolivet: Complete Works for Flute, Vol. 1 Hélène Boulègue

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Label: Naxos

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Subgenre: Chamber Music

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  • André Jolivet (1905 - 1974): Ascèses (Version for Alto Flute):
  • 1Ascèses (Version for Alto Flute): I. Pour que demeure le secret. Nous tairons jusqu'au silence [Max-Pol Fouchet]03:19
  • 2Ascèses (Version for Alto Flute): II. Tu surgis de l'absence... [Max-Pol Fouchet]02:32
  • 3Ascèses (Version for Alto Flute): III. Matière, triple abîme des étoiles, des atomes et des générations [Pierre Teilhard de Chardin]02:45
  • 4Ascèses (Version for Alto Flute): IV. Le dieu a créé les rêves pour indiquer la route au dormeur dont les yeux sont dans l'obscurité [Papyrus Insinger]03:21
  • 5Ascèses (Version for Alto Flute): V. Ô femme qui ne sais que tu portais en toi le monde [Max-Pol Fouchet]04:31
  • André Jolivet:
  • 6Fantaisie-Caprice02:15
  • 7Cabrioles01:12
  • 8Incantation "Pour que l'image devienne symbole" (Version for Alto Flute)02:49
  • Flute Sonata:
  • 9Flute Sonata: I. Fluide05:22
  • 10Flute Sonata: II. Grave07:15
  • 11Flute Sonata: III. Violent04:23
  • 5 Incantations:
  • 125 Incantations: No. 1, Pour accueillir les négociateurs - et que l'entrevue soit pacifique02:31
  • 135 Incantations: No. 2, Pour que l'enfant qui va naître soit un fils03:16
  • 145 Incantations: No. 3, Pour que la moisson soit riche qui naîtra des sillons que le laboureur trace02:56
  • 155 Incantations: No. 4, Pour une communion sereine de l'être avec le monde04:08
  • 165 Incantations: No. 5, Aux funérailles du chef - pour obtenir la protection de son âme04:30
  • André Jolivet:
  • 17Chant de Linos (Version for Flute & Piano)10:36
  • Total Runtime01:07:41

Info zu Jolivet: Complete Works for Flute, Vol. 1

Andre Jolivet wrote for the flute throughout his entire compositional career. His understanding of the instrument’s character was unrivalled and his contribution to its repertoire stands among the greatest in the 20th century. In his absorption of influences, from jazz to Middle Eastern music, he established a new tone for the flute, the oriental infusions of which can be heard in Cinq Incantations. Chant de Linos, his most popular flute piece, offers a mythic panorama full of lamentation and dance, while the rhythmically complex Flute Sonata and the lyric elements in Asceses affirm his musical convictions. Born in 1990, Helene Boulegue was appointed second flute of the Orchestra PHilharmonie Luxembourg at age 19, just six months after having started at the Paris Conservatoire where she studied with Pierre-Yves Artaud and Florence Souchard-Delepine. She went on to study for a Masters degree at the Hochschule fur Musik Karlsruhe, Germany with Renate Greiss-Armin, and was awarded Second Prize at the Prague Spring Competition in 2015 and First Prize at the Kobe International Flute Competition in 2017.

Hélène Boulègue, flute, alto flute
Francois Dumont, piano

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