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  • James Horner (1953 - 2015):
  • 1My Heart Will Go On (from "Titanic")05:44
  • 2Rooftop Kiss (From "The Amazing Spider-Man")03:09
  • 3Willow's Theme (From "Willow")03:28
  • 4Theme (From "Cocoon")04:42
  • 5Main Title (From "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan")03:09
  • 6I See You (From "Avatar")04:40
  • 7Field of Dreams (From "Field of Dreams")05:52
  • 8Somewhere Out There (From "An American Tail")04:13
  • 9For the Love of a Princess (From "Braveheart")05:11
  • 10The Ludlows (From "Legends Of The Fall")04:52
  • 11Jake's First Flight (From "Avatar")03:26
  • 12Boys Playing Airplanes (From "The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas")04:35
  • 13Main Title (From "Apollo 13")06:28
  • 14Briseis and Achilles (From "Troy")04:42
  • Total Runtime01:04:11

Info for James Horner - The Classics

James Horner ist einer der größten Filmkomponisten aller Zeiten. Zur Würdigung des Lebenswerks des mehrfachen Grammy- und Oscar®-Preisträgers haben internationale Stars wie 2CELLOS, Lindsey Stirling, The Piano Guys, Alexis Ffrench, Tina Guo, Amy Dickson und Lavinia Meijer zusammen mit dem Czech Philharmonic Orchestra einige seiner größten Hits neu aufgenommen.

Darunter die filmmusikalischen Meisterwerke aus "Titanic", "Avatar", "Apollo 13", "The Amazing Spider-Man", "Braveheart", "The Ludlows", "Troja", "Willow", "Legends of he Fall" und "Legenden der Leidenschaft". Die Stücke wurden für "James Horner - The Classics" neu arrangiert.

Horner gilt als Genie unter den Filmmusikkomponisten. Durch den ungewöhnlichen Einsatz klassischer und volkstümlicher Instrumente erschuf er unverkennbar eigene Klangwelten. Mit seinen Melodien stürmte er die Popcharts, unvergessen bleibt sein Hit "My Heart will go on" mit Celine Dion, der hier von 2CELLOS interpretiert wird.

Im Laufe seiner Karriere und bis zu seinem tragischen Tod im Jahre 2015 hat Horner weit über 100 Hollywood-Filme mit seiner Musik vertont.

Produced by Chris Craker

James Horner
won an Academy Award for his film score of James Cameron’s Titanic (1997). Horner saw Enya’s Gaelic new-age sound as an appropriate model for his own score. Cameron did not want to use a title song but Horner secretly recorded My Heart Will Go On with Celine Dion, and presented it to Cameron, who changed his mind. The short suite follows the plot, from Rose’s memories, through the departure from Southampton, to the sinking and, after the famous song, a short epilogue. Since Titanic, Horner continued to score for major productions including The Perfect Storm, A Beautiful Mind, and The Legend of Zorro.

Horner was educated at the Royal College of Music in London, where he studied under György Ligeti. Before he turned to film scoring, Horner earned a doctorate at the University of California at Los Angeles, worked with the American Film Institute and taught music theory at UCLA. He died on 22 June 2015.

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