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Label: Priory Records

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Choral

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  • Thomas Attwood (1765 - 1838):
  • 1Psalm 10510:19
  • Herbert Howells (1892 - 1983):
  • 2Psalm 10612:05
  • Robert Ashfield (1911 - 2006):
  • 3Psalm 10710:53
  • Martin How (1931):
  • 4Psalm 10803:59
  • Peter Kirk (1969), Adrian Lucas (1962):
  • 5Psalm 10909:15
  • Peter Nardone (1965):
  • 6Psalm 11002:38
  • James Turle (1802 - 1882):
  • 7Psalm 11103:20
  • William Hayes (1708 - 1777):
  • 8Psalm 11203:15
  • Peter Nardone (1965), William Henry Grindle (1872 - 1963):
  • 9Psalm 11302:42
  • Conrad William Eden (1905 - 1995):
  • 10Psalm 11402:29
  • Robin Doveton (?):
  • 11Psalm 11504:57
  • Charles Macpherson (1870 - 1927):
  • 12Psalm 11605:01
  • George Guest (1771 - 1831):
  • 13Psalm 11701:04
  • James Nares (1715 - 1783), Haldane Campbell Stewart (1868 - 1942):
  • 14Psalm 11806:40
  • Total Runtime01:18:37

Info for The Complete Psalms of David, Vol. 8

This much acclaimed series in Priory’s second survey of the Complete Psalms of David is sung by Worcester Cathedral Choir. This volume is all but 80 minutes long and covers Psalms 105 to 118. All the chants (the aim of this series) are unknown and feature composers well known within the cloisters of many of Britain’s cathedrals.

The penultimate volume (available towards the end of 2015 will be from Salisbury Cathedral.

"I have enjoyed previous recordings in this series and this is no exception....all are presented with much attention to detail. A useful devotional aid and a further contribution in the cataloguing of this wonderful repertoire that forms the basis of the sung worship of the Anglican choral tradition." (Lark Reviews)

Christopher Allsop, organ
Worcester Cathedral Choir
Peter Nardone, direction

Worcester Cathedral Choir
The Choir has been at the heart of the Cathedral, and its Monastic predecessor, since the earliest days of the Foundation. The choristers and lay-clerks sing on most days of the week during school term time and at the major Christian festivals. With an international reputation, the choir frequently broadcasts services on the radio, has appeared on television, and tours internationally.

The choir consists of:

The Boy Choristers, who sing five or six Cathedral services each week and attend The King’s School, next to the Cathedral, for which they receive a 50% scholarship. There is an intensive but rewarding schedule of rehearsals before and after school 4 days a week to prepare for these services. Boys can join the choir from the age of 7 and leave when they are 14 (or when their voices change). Although hard work, the life of a chorister provides an unparalleled musical education, working to professional standards.

The Girl Choristers, introduced to the Cathedral Choir in 2007, and who are aged between 12 and 18. The Girls rehearse and sing services with the Lay-Clerks on Saturdays and on occasional Sundays. They also sing some of the many high profile and important services at Christmas and Easter, as well as joining forces with the boy choristers for some concerts and other Cathedral events. The Girls attend a variety of schools, mostly in the local area, though with some from further afield.

The Lay-Clerks and Choral Scholars, who sing the lower voices in the choir (Alto, Tenor, & Bass). There are 6 “Principal” Lay-Clerks, who sing 6 services per week and 4 “Assistants”, who sing at the weekend and special feast days. Most of the Lay-Clerks have day jobs as well as their duties at the Cathedral and come here at the end of their normal working day to sing the weekday services, as well as those at the weekend. Choral Scholars sing alongside the Lay-Clerks at 5 services each week - on Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, and two on Sunday. They are paid a scholarship and are usually sixth form or university age. The Scholarship is a form of apprenticeship.

The Choir is conducted and trained by the Cathedral’s three organists. The organists provide all the organ music for services with the Choir as well as at other Cathedral services and concerts.

The Choir is also supported by a team of professionally trained chaperones and by a music administrator.

The Organist and Director of Music is always ready to talk to anyone who thinks that they or their children might be interested in joining the Cathedral Choir. Whilst a formal audition is necessary to join, informal sessions can be arranged as a friendly preliminary! Vacancies for lay-clerkships and choral scholarships are advertised on the Cathedral web site and in the Church Times when they become available.

This album contains no booklet.

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