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Josef Bulva
The pianist Josef Bulva, born in 1943 in Brno, has been an eminent virtuoso and outstanding artistic personality since his early youth. Already at the beginning of his career, he enthused the experts by his stupendous technique that has remained a landmark of his interpretation. Yet virtuosity has never been a matter for its own sake to him, it goes along with his analytical musicality. The knowledge of structures and maturing of a composition – he achieved it in collaboration with composers – is a further milestone of Bulva’s unique interpretation. The professional music world celebrates him as the “Pianist of the Scientific Age”.

Josef Bulva writes pianistic history, since he, “the Pianist among the Pianists”, uses the middle pedal of grand piano in order to attain finest disclosure of music structures – it is why in his interpretation “famous compositions sound in new apparel”. The STEINWAY patent from 1874 gained, after years of little attention, the acknowledgment and reputation it deserves.

In countermove STEINWAY produced for Bulva his concert grand piano – the well known No. 582 310 – that comes on the scene without a peer in sound and mechanical idiosyncrasy, its tone is available on the DVD “The Sound of 582 310“ which is edited by RCA.

After a thirteen-year time-out due to a severe injury of his left hand, Josef Bulva inaugurated his comeback on the concert stage. The TV stations RTL and ARD made films about his life, several other TV stations showed portraits about his life work.

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