Simone de Bonefont: Missa pro Mortuis Huelgas Ensemble & Paul Van Nevel

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  • Simone de Bonefont: Missa pro mortuis:
  • 1Missa pro mortuis: Introitus: Requiem æternam (Live Recording)06:11
  • 2Missa pro mortuis: Kyrie (Live Recording)02:10
  • 3Missa pro mortuis: Graduale: Si ambulem (Live Recording)05:14
  • 4Missa pro mortuis: Offertorium: Domine Jesu Christe (Live Recording)09:23
  • 5Missa pro mortuis: Sanctus (Live Recording)04:10
  • 6Missa pro mortuis: Agnus Dei (Live Recording)05:17
  • 7Missa pro mortuis: Communio: Lux æterna (Live Recording)03:20
  • Arnold von Bruck (1550 - 1554):
  • 8Mitten wir im Leben sind (By Arnold von Bruck) (Live Recording)04:55
  • Jacobus de Kerle (1531 - 1591):
  • 9Media vita in morte sumus (By Jacobus de Kerle) (Live Recording)05:46
  • Orlandus Lassus (1532 - 1594):
  • 10Media vita in morte sumus (By Orlandus Lassus) (Live Recording)05:25
  • Nicolas Gombert (1495 - 1560):
  • 11Media vita in morte sumus (By Nicolas Gombert) (Live Recording)06:23
  • Total Runtime58:14

Info for Simone de Bonefont: Missa pro Mortuis

In perpetual search of unpublished works and forgotten composers, Paul Van Nevel invites us to discover a Requiem Mass for five voices, composed in 1556 by Simone de Bonefont, canon and cantor at Clermont-Ferrand Cathedral. The Missa pro mortuis can be considered as one of the highlights of polyphonic vocal style, encompassing all the characteristics of Franco-Flemish techniques of the period. The richness of de Bonefont’s polyphonic writing and his mastery of counterpoint are truly astonishing. True to form, the Huelgas Ensemble honours this unpublished score with a powerful interpretation, delivering music of incredible luminous tranquility. The programme also includes four compositions by Franco-Flemish masters - that de Bonefont may well have heard - on one of the most profound texts of the Gregorian repertoire: Media vita in morte summus (In the midst of life we are in death).

Huelgas Ensemble
Paul Van Nevel, conductor

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