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  • Daniel Ferreira, António Carlos Costa: Moinho:
  • 1Ferreira, Costa: Moinho05:50
  • Arnold Marinissen: Hungry, Thirsty:
  • 2Marinissen: Hungry, Thirsty07:31
  • Daniel Ferreira, Carlos Paredes: Sede e morte:
  • 3Ferreira, Paredes: Sede e morte03:32
  • Nuno Lobo (b. 1996): Pantomima:
  • 4Lobo: Pantomima08:46
  • Daniel Ferreira, António Carlos Costa: Renascer:
  • 5Ferreira, Costa: Renascer03:30
  • Hugo Correia: Swingando Saudade:
  • 6Correia: Swingando Saudade09:18
  • Daniel Ferreira, Carlos Paredes: Verdes Anos:
  • 7Ferreira, Paredes: Verdes Anos06:32
  • Daniel Ferreira, António Carlos Costa: Incerteza:
  • 8Ferreira, Costa: Incerteza04:34
  • Daniel Ferreira, Carlos Paredes: Fado Moliceira:
  • 9Ferreira, Paredes: Fado Moliceira05:36
  • Alejandro Erlich Oliva: Tributo a Carlos Paredes:
  • 10Oliva: Tributo a Carlos Paredes04:39
  • Total Runtime59:48

Info for Renascer

A unique combination of saxophone quartet and guitar consisting exclusively of Portuguese musicians. Of course the Fado, a Portuguese music genre, should not be missing!

“Renascer” is a new collaboration project of Maat Saxophone Quartet and the guitarist António Carlos Costa, where the Portuguese musical genre Fado is explored on an unusual instrumentation: saxophone quartet and Portuguese guitar.

Being Fado one of the biggest cultural representations of this country, the idea of putting together the already usual Portuguese guitar with the saxophone quartet came across quite natural and spontaneously. From there surges the invitation to António Carlos Costa, with whom Maat coincided in the city of Amsterdam.

António Carlos Costa is a former student of the University of Coimbra, and as someone who deprived with the traditional Fado from that city, the project will highlight the Fado of Coimbra. Songs from the iconic guitar player Carlos Paredes will be revisited, which are mostly only instrumental, as original themes from Costa, some of them exclusively composed for this project, and all the arrangements are made by the saxophonist/arranger Daniel Ferreira. In addition, new contemporary works will be presented by Maat Saxophone Quartet. Works by Arnold Marinissen and Nuno Lobo written for Maat and inspired on songs by Paredes will be presented.

“Renascer” is an original song from Costa, which means “Reborn”, and gives name to a project where a new life is given to such a Portuguese musical genre, on a full Portuguese collaboration.

Maat Saxophone Quartet:
Daniel Ferreira, soprano saxophone
Catarina Gomes, alto saxophone & singer (9)
Pedro Silva, tenor saxophone Mafalda Oliveira, baritone saxophone & poem reciter (8)
António Carlos Costa, Portuguese guitar

Maat Saxophone Quartet
Daniel Ferreira on soprano saxophone, Catarina Gomes on alto saxophone and sometimes singing, Pedro Silva on tenor saxophone and Mafalda Oliveira on baritone saxophone. Welcome to our website!

We have been playing together since 2018 and with each step, we discover more about each other’s talents and ideas as saxophone players, but also as "maatjes". In the projects we do, we look for the connection between our individual personalities, our ideals as artists and our strength as a group. Just as important is the connection to the world and society that surrounds us.

In 2018 we were winners of the “Prémio Jovens Músicos”, one of the most prestigious classical music competitions in Portugal, where we come from. Our quartet was however formed in Amsterdam, while we were studying at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam with Arno Bornkamp.

Although we play pieces from all kinds of ages and environments, we have a passion for new music. We are excited about finding our own sound-world, and to do that we work regularly together with composers.

In April 2020 we released our debut CD “Ciudades” under the label 7 Mountain Records. De Luister magazine published beautiful words about it: "we can be brief about the playing of Maat: promising, devilishly good, and heavenly contagious in all works.”

In 2022 we won the Dutch Classical Talent Award.

In 2023 we released our second CD called "Renascer", featuring Portuguese guitarist António Carlos Costa, combining traditional Fado and contemporary music.

In the season 2023/2024 we premiered our own production “No one is too small” about the topic of climate change, combining the music of 6 different composers, light installation, paintings and theater. “No one is too small” is also the name of our third CD, released in 2024 on 7 Moutain Records.

In the season 2024/2025 we will premiére a new virtual opera with the theater company Diamantfabriek, create a new dance theater production with AYA Danstheater, perform the piece “Takadaaap!” with Oorkaan and have international tours in Brazil and China.

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