Redesigns Carlos Cipa

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Label: Warner Classics

Genre: Instrumental

Subgenre: Piano

Artist: Carlos Cipa

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  • Carlos Cipa (b.1990):
  • 1Sonata Fragment (Beethoven redesigned)02:50
  • 2Pagoda (Debussy redesigned)03:02
  • 3Andantino (Schubert redesigned)03:01
  • 4Affettuoso (Händel redesigned)03:38
  • Total Runtime12:31

Info for Redesigns

In August 2021, Carlos Cipa got invited to Copenhagen by a local piano manufacturer to try out their iconic handcrafted pianos, designed in the 1930s by the danish design legend Poul Henningsen. Excited about discovering these extravagant instruments, Cipa decided to create a whole recording project out of this journey, for which he composed four new pieces, recompositions or redesigns that draw inspiration from pieces by Händel, Beethoven, Schubert and Debussy. He recorded these pieces in two days on historic PH grand and PH pianette and a recently manufactured PH bow grand.

The art of composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Carlos Cipa thrives on the freedom of the spaces in between. Clear in structures and fine in details, Cipa's sound architectures bring together small, delicate settings that create dynamic, almost cinematic-sized aftermaths. It is therefore fortunate that the Munich-based composer is one of the country's busiest sound artists. His music can be found on recordings, on stage, in film, dance and theater. He began studying the piano at the age of six. When it became too predictable for him, he learned to play the drums. He dropped out of his composition studies after three years, additionally circumventing its conventions with his devotion to ambient and electronic music. He is always drawn back to classical music. But he really feels at home in the transitions that give music room to unfold beyond common categories. "Cipa sits between the chairs, between composition and improvisation, between classical impressionism and pop consciousness, between melody and sound design," the "Musikexpress" found of the 31-year-old's creative power. Cipa wants to value his listeners by meeting them with music whose essence invites discovery. In doing so, he by no means claims that one can only approach it with a musical education. Quite the contrary: his music reaches out a hand that one can grasp in order to walk with it through Cipa's tastefully and at the same time stimulatingly designed sound spaces.

Carlos Cipa, piano

Carlos Cipa
is a Munich-based composer and multi-instrumentalist. He has been classically trained on the piano and studied contemporary classical composition at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Munich. During his teenage years, he started playing the drums and gained experience as a member of various bands. Experimenting with different styles of music, he turned back to piano as his main instrument, facilitating him to find his way throughout composition and improvisation, before releasing his debut »The Monarch and the Viceroy« and his sophomore record »All your life you walk« on Denovali Records in 2012 and 2014.

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