Seven Years Big Four

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Label: Neuklang

Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Mainstream Jazz

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FLAC 48 $ 12.80
  • 1Voyou05:16
  • 2Pretty Much Henry08:17
  • 3Zéphyr 07:36
  • 4Boule de neige11:37
  • 5160 bpm06:00
  • 6Suite Temps Libre: Rêver06:32
  • 7Suite Temps Libre: Marcher03:57
  • 8Suite Temps Libre: Courir 03:31
  • 9Suite Temps Libre: Danser03:50
  • Total Runtime56:36

Info for Seven Years

With its fourth album „Seven Years“ the Big Four quartet, led by saxophonist Julien Soro, celebrates seven years of successful collaboration and mutual musical discovery.

These recordings provided a wonderful opportunity to work with the talented trumpeter, Quentin Ghomari. He is not only musical leader of the Papanosh quintet, but also a member of the larger ensemble Ping Machine. In this combined repertoire, with works composed by each of the musicians, the trumpeter introduces his own momentum and brings additional colours to the musical spectrum.

Besides, the time is ripe to take on new challenges. For Julien Soro this means writing a suite: Temps Libre. Four movements, which metaphorically describe the rhythm of our lives: dreaming, walking, running and dancing.

It was fundamentally important for Big Four to record this CD ‘live’ in order to capture for the listener the immediacy, energy and unrestrained interaction of the musicians as they gave themselves free rein in this ‘safety-net-free’ experience.

At first hearing, this new opus awakens a certain nostalgia; one imagines seeing oneself growing up and there is a sense of the years of one’s life passing by. But beyond these thoughts there remains the desire to create space with the music for play, communication and fulfillment.

Julien Soro, alto saxophone
Stéphan Caracci, vibraphone
Fabien Debellefontaine, sousaphone
Rafaël Koerner, drums
Quentin Ghomari, trumpet

Big Four
is a quartet created in Spring 2009 by Julien Soro.

The birth of this band comes from a deep wish to take up the challenge of a singular instrumentation : two Horns (Saxophone & Tuba) and two Percussions (Vibraphone and Drums). The Tuba/Vibraphone combination creates a clear demarcation with sound material of a "standard" quartet (w/ Piano & Bass), while bringing a warm tone as well as unusual acoustic textures.

Julien Soro’s compositions become a collective exploration field where spontaneity and rhythmic profusion are at the centre of discourse. Music that is round and angular at the same time, where paradox and evidence coexist. Big Four members are looking for this thin space between consciousness and looseness which lets them give sound some movement. Coming back to a childlike state where Play is everywhere.

Big Four has its history too... Two self-produced records by choice, closely followed by a watchfull and sensitive audience, affected by the band’s creative force. Really intense shows, rehearsals that are like a constant work-in-progress, 4 true jazz standards lovers, miles and miles of shared music... So, come out and give us a try!

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