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Label: Opera Rara

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Opera

Artist: London Philharmonic Orchestra & David Parry

Composer: Vincenzo Bellini (1801-1835)

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  • Vincenzo Bellini (1801 - 1835):
  • 1Bellini: Il pirata: Sinfonia07:23
  • Il pirata, Act 1:
  • 2Bellini: Il pirata, Act 1: "Ciel! qual procella orribile" (Goffredo, Chorus)06:44
  • 3Bellini: Il pirata, Act 1: "Io vivo ancor!" (Gualtiero, Goffredo, Itulbo)02:20
  • 4Bellini: Il pirata, Act 1: "Ascolta! Nel furor delle tempeste" (Gualtiero, Goffredo)03:05
  • 5Bellini: Il pirata, Act 1: "Del disastro di questi infelici" (Goffredo, Gualtiero, Itulbo, Chorus)02:01
  • 6Bellini: Il pirata, Act 1: "Per te di vane lagrime" (Gualtiero, Itulbo, Goffredo, Chorus)03:37
  • 7Bellini: Il pirata, Act 1: "Sorgete, e in me dover quella pietade" (Imogene, Itulbo, Adele)03:09
  • 8Bellini: Il pirata, Act 1: "Lo sognai ferito, esangue" (Imogene, Adele, Chorus)03:59
  • 9Bellini: Il pirata, Act 1: "Cielo! e dessa" (Imogene)01:17
  • 10Bellini: Il pirata, Act 1: "Sventurata, anch'io deliro" (Imogene, Adele, Chorus)05:19
  • 11Bellini: Il pirata, Act 1: "Evviva! allegri!" (Itulbo, Chorus)03:40
  • 12Bellini: Il pirata, Act 1: "Ebben? ... Verra" (Imogene, Adele)01:43
  • 13Bellini: Il pirata, Act 1: "Perche cotanta io prendo d'uno stranier pieta?" (Imogen, Gualtiero)05:34
  • 14Bellini: Il pirata, Act 1: "Tu, sciagurato!" (Imogen, Gualtiero)02:57
  • 15Bellini: Il pirata, Act 1: "Pietosa, al padre!" (Gualtiero, Imogene)03:28
  • 16Bellini: Il pirata, Act 1: "Alcun s'appressa" (Imogene, Gualtiero)01:04
  • 17Bellini: Il pirata, Act 1: "Bagnato dalle lagrime d'un cor" (Gualtiero, Imogen)02:39
  • 18Bellini: Il pirata, Act 1: "Grazie, pietoso ciel" (Imogene, Adele)01:57
  • 19Bellini: Il pirata, Act 1: "Piu temuto, piu splendido nome" (Chorus)04:44
  • 20Bellini: Il pirata, Act 1: "Si vencemmo" (Ernesto, Chorus)02:16
  • 21Bellini: Il pirata, Act 1: "Piu temuto" (Ernesto)03:43
  • 22Bellini: Il pirata, Act 1: "M'abbraccia, o donna" (Ernesto, Imogene, Goffredo, Itulbo)03:17
  • 23Bellini: Il pirata, Act 1: "Il suo disegno" (Imogene, Gualtiero, Ernesto, Itulbo, Goffredo, Chorus)01:59
  • 24Bellini: Il pirata, Act 1: "Parlarti ancor per poco" (Gualtiero, Ernesto, Imogene, Adele, Itulbo, Chorus)03:00
  • 25Bellini: Il pirata, Act 1: "Ebben; cominci, o barbara" (Gualtiero, Imogene, Ernesto, Itulbo, Goffredo, Chorus)04:37
  • Il pirata, Act 2:
  • 26Bellini: Il pirata, Act 2: "Che rechi tu?" (Adele, Chorus)04:03
  • 27Bellini: Il pirata, Act 2: "Vieni; siam sole alfin" (Adele, Imogene)01:46
  • 28Bellini: Il pirata, Act 2: "Arresta. Ognor mi fuggi!" (Ernesto, Imogene)02:19
  • 29Bellini: Il pirata, Act 2: "Tu m'apristi in cor ferita" (Ernesto, Imogene)04:57
  • 30Bellini: Il pirata, Act 2: "Ah! lo veggo" (Imogene, Ernesto)02:56
  • 31Bellini: Il pirata, Act 2: "Che rechi?" (Ernesto, Imogene)00:59
  • 32Bellini: Il pirata, Act 2: "Io ... si ... lo rinverro" (Imogene, Ernesto)02:37
  • 33Bellini: Il pirata, Act 2: "Lasciami, forza umana non puo" (Gualtiero, Itulbo)01:33
  • 34Bellini: Il pirata, Act 2: "Eccomi a te, Gualtiero" (Imogene, Gualtiero)02:00
  • 35Bellini: Il pirata, Act 2: "Cerchiami pe' mari" (Imogene, Gualtiero)05:17
  • 36Bellini: Il pirata, Act 2: "Cedo al destin orribile" (Imogene, Ernesto, Gualtiero)04:15
  • 37Bellini: Il pirata, Act 2: "Il tempo vola" (Imogene, Gualtiero, Ernesto)02:59
  • 38Bellini: Il pirata, Act 2: "Sventurata! fa core..." (Adele, Imogene)01:41
  • 39Bellini: Il pirata, Act 2: "Lasso! perir cosi" (Chorus)04:09
  • 40Bellini: Il pirata, Act 2: "Giusto ciel! Gualtiero!" (Adele, Gualtiero, Chorus)01:54
  • 41Bellini: Il pirata, Act 2: "Tu vedrai la sventurata" (Gualtiero)03:33
  • 42Bellini: Il pirata, Act 2: "Gia s'aduna il gran concesso" (Gualtiero)01:10
  • 43Bellini: Il pirata, Act 2: "Ma non fia sempre odiata" (Gualtiero, Adele, Chorus)04:13
  • 44Bellini: Il pirata, Act 2: "Udiste? E forza, amiche" (Adele, Chorus)01:01
  • 45Bellini: Il pirata, Act 2: "Oh! s'io potessi dissipar le nubi" (Imogene, Adele)08:38
  • 46Bellini: Il pirata, Act 2: "Col sorriso d'innocenza" (Imogene)03:29
  • 47Bellini: Il pirata, Act 2: "Qual suono ferale echeggia" (Imogene, Adele, Chorus)01:44
  • 48Bellini: Il pirata, Act 2: "Oh, Sole! ti vela di tenebre oscure" (Imogene, Adele, Chorus)03:01
  • 49Bellini: Il pirata, Act 2: "La tua sentenza udisti" (Imogene, Adele, Chorus)03:10
  • Total Runtime02:38:56

Info for Bellini: Il pirata

The third opera by the twenty-seven-year-old Sicilian Vincenzo Bellini, Il pirata marked an important step forward in his career. His first score written for the brand leader of Italian opera houses, La Scala, Milan, it also represented his first collaboration with Felice Romani, the leading librettist of the day - who would become his regular artistic partner. Il pirata was also the first of Bellini's works to reach an international audience. After its premiere in 1827, it soon went on to win acclaim in Vienna, Dresden, Paris, London and New York. Its comparative neglect in our day is inexplicable, but Opera Rara rectifies this situation with this all-star cast. David Parry conducts this exceptional example of early romantic opera at its most dramatically potent. The 3CD set, a studio recording, comes with a lavishly illustrated book including a complete libretto with an English translation by Jeremy Commons and a comprehensive article and synopsis by Dr. Benjamin Walton.

"David Parry keeps the dramatic temperature high, and even if the principals, Carmen Giannattasio (Imogene), José Bros (Gualtiero) and Ludovic Tézier (Ernesto), occasionally force when bel canto is required, they have the histrionic measure of their roles and mostly rise to the music’s technical challenges" (Sunday Times)

"an exceptional performance from Ludovic Tézier as Ernesto – wonderfully sung and characterised with immense subtlety...while Carmen Giannattasio's Imogene is unthreatened by the role's technical challenges, but not ideally alert to its dramatic complexity." (The Guardian)

"Bros exhibits the right vocal weight for a Rubini role...[His] agility is only fair, but he communicates with welcome vitality and exceedingly clear textual delivery...David Parry does much to animate this earthbound drama. The LPO, adding yet again to its extensive bel canto laurels, is on predictably excellent form...Musical preparation is impeccable" (International Record)

"Giannattasio can stand alongside [the] great divas. She is more of the dramatic school of Callas rather than the elegiac bel canto of Caballé. Her warm dramatic voice is full of varieties of colour and expression...[Bros] is expressive and vocally appealing apart from a few moments of pressure" (MusicWeb International)

Carmen Giannattasio, soprano (Imogene)
Mark Le Brocq, tenor (Itulbo)
Ludovic Tezier, baritone (Ernesto)
Jose Bros, tenor (Gualtiero)
Brindley Sherratt, bass (Goffredo)
Victoria Simmonds, mezzo soprano (Adele)
London Philharmonic Orchestra
David Parry, conductor

Celebrate The Queen's Diamond Jubilee with the programme of music the London Philharmonic Orchestra performed as part of the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant flotilla on 3 June 2012. The selection of music by British and Commonwealth composers relates either to monarchy, royal events and ceremonial occasions or to familiar landmarks along the Thames. It includes works by Elgar, Holst, Walton, Coates, Gilbert and Sullivan, as well as the James Bond and Chariots of Fire themes.

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