A Renaissance Journey (Kunstkopf / Artifical Head Recording in PANTOFONIE®) Duo Seraphim

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  • Italien
  • 1Ostinato vo‘ seguire01:51
  • 2Balletto 'La Fedeltà d’amore'01:20
  • 3Madonna, qual certezza02:22
  • 4Calata ala Spagnola02:15
  • 5Balletto 'Alta Mendoza'01:58
  • Die Niederlande
  • 6Mon Amy - Allemande02:11
  • 7Tandernaken03:23
  • 8Mille Regretz01:43
  • Deutschland
  • 9Ach, Elslein, liebes Elselein01:44
  • 10Mein M ich hab - Cupido hat02:48
  • 11Ballet - Canarie03:04
  • 12Innsbruck ich muss dich lassen01:59
  • 13Wol kombt der Mai01:38
  • England
  • 14Can she excuse my wrongs02:59
  • 15Lachrimæ04:50
  • 16Fine Knacks for Ladies01:51
  • Frankreich
  • 17Tant que vivray01:27
  • 18Un jour L’amoureuse Sylvie01:25
  • 19Ma belle si ton ame02:12
  • 20Pavane - Gaillarde01:31
  • Spanien
  • 21Ysabel, perdiste la tu faxa02:34
  • 22Recercarda ottava01:53
  • 23Recercarda sobre 'Doulce Memoire'03:14
  • 24Recercarda segunda01:51
  • Total Runtime54:03

Info for A Renaissance Journey (Kunstkopf / Artifical Head Recording in PANTOFONIE®)

Music to dream and enjoy
The DUO SERAPHIM takes the listener through Renaissance music of the countries of Europe like a knowledgeable guide – from Italy via the Netherlands to Germany and England, France and Spain. The Duo brings the colourful sound of music between the Middle Ages and the Baroque to life on the Renaissance transverse flute and the Renaissance lute or vihuela. The lovely compositions, the warm sound of the transverse flute and the soft tone of the lute touch the heart and make you dream and enjoy. The music of the DUO SERAPHIM is graceful and moves the heart; it expresses emotions and beauty. The compositions are calming while also clearing the mind. The intimate dialogue between the flute and the lute has something special, its own sound – rounded and clear.

A journey through Renaissance Europe
‘A RENAISSANCE JOURNEY‘ shows how varied music during Renaissance times, and how internationally connected the network of musicians and composers was. The duo used four-part movements as basis, which were adapted for two instruments. The Duo recorded virtuous, richly adorned art music of the time as well as folk and church songs, and dances. They include classical composers such as John Dowland or Diego Ortiz and well-known songs such as ‘Innsbruck ich muss dich lassen’. But there is also music to discover from Cesare Negri, Tielman Susato, Arnolt Schlick, Pierre Attaingnant and many more that is worth listening to.

The magic of the church
The recordings were done in the church of St Nicholas in Göttingen (Germany). Perched on a high hilltop and visible from the distance, it is one of the most significant buildings from the Middle Ages in Lower Saxony and a favourite venue for concerts. The church was intentionally selected for the recordings with DUO SERAPHIM because of the magical atmosphere and its special acoustics. Each note carries history, which can be felt in the music of the album.

The booklet – extensive and bilingual
In the modern layout, the listener can immerse himself in the Renaissance world. The booklet contains a German and an English part, both of which are extensive featuring 30 pages as well as an introduction to the musical genre, the music scene at the time and explanations about each track. Prof. Dr. Jürgen Heidrich from the Chair of the Music Department at the Westfälischen Wilhelms University of Münster (Germany) agreed to author these texts; he is an established expert of this musical period. Biographies of both musicians, information about the instruments, the recording location and the exclusive recording technology PANTOFONIE® as well as the label friends of green sonic complete the booklet.

The recording technology PANTOFONIE® - natural sound in 3D
friends of green sonic have taken the idea of artificial head recording and, on the basis of our own research and development, further turned this into PANTOFONIE®. PANTOFONIE® (from the Greek “panto”, meaning “every”, “all” or “entire”) is a dual channel audio system that employs highly developed artificial head technology and, in doing so, places the highest demands on sound quality. It therefore describes an all-encompassing audiological approach. The remarkably natural and spatial sound of PANTOFONIE® allows you to experience music in a completely new way! PANTOFONIE® is a registered mark of friends of green sonic.

“The musical journey is an adventure of 54 minutes. The playing by the musicians is as excellent as the quality of the recording... The magical interplay between Hauenschild and Düker sounds remarkably close.' (Angela Brünjes, Göttinger Tageblatt, Göttingen, Germany, February 2015) 

“With great sense for the musicality, the two Renaissance specialists make this early music audible with great spirit. Lovers of early music will be presented with an interesting collection of European Renaissance music... But the album is also suitable for people who like lovely music... Those wanting to know more can refer to the extensive and very informative booklet. This is a successful “package” in all aspects: Renaissance music recorded by two real experts from Göttingen in a church with best acoustics, produced by a hi-fi enthusiast – and also beautifully and informatively packed. This is how this early music is truly, in the Renaissance sense, “new-born”. (Jens Wortmann, Göttinger Kulturbüro, Göttingen, Germany, April 2015) 

“A RENAISSANCE JOURNEY” (Hendrik Wilken, klassik.com, July 2015)

„The tasteful artwork should be emphasized.“ (FOLKER, July 2015)

“A listening pleasure in a extra fine manner provides the label friends of green sonic with its sophisticated recording technology ... (artificial head technology PANTOFONIE®) ... which conveys the listener an natural, spatial sound impression. The CD produced by this technology with the DUO SERAPHIM, called "A RENAISSANCE JOURNEY" which sound is amazing and very close to a concert visit, was done with great care in every sense: In addition to the high technical quality the attractively designed booklet and especially the interpretation do convince… With their dedicated play the DUO SERAPHIM invites you to dream.” (Almut Jedicke, DIE TONKUNST, Germany, January 2016)

Britta Hauenschild, Renaissance Transverse Flute
Andreas Düker, Renaissance Lute / Vihuela

Duo Seraphim
Britta Hauenschild and Andreas Düker have been working together on music in a variety of ensembles for almost 20 years. Since 2010 they comprise DUO SERAPHIM, performing music that is especially close to their hearts: music of the Renaissance. An understanding of historical performance practices is just as important to the duo as playing inspired, passionate and melodious music together.

Britta Hauenschild
studied the modern concert flute at the University of Music Detmold / Münster (Germany). Afterwards she specialized in playing historical flutes while studying at the Academy of Early Music in Bremen (Germany) under Professor Marten Root. Numerous master classes, including classes under Paul Meisen, Robert Aitken and Barthold Kuijken, extended her education in modern and historical flutes. Today she feels just as at home on the classical multi-keyed flute as she does on the baroque transverse flute. However, her very special love is for the clear, rich tonal colour and fine sound of the Renaissance flute, and for the literature of the era. She is a member of numerous chamber music ensembles. Moreover, she participates in CD, radio and television productions and is highly in demand as a flutist for a variety of ensembles and orchestras.

Andreas Düker
studied classical guitar in Kassel (Germany) under Wolfgang Lendle. He graduated as an artist specializing in the lute in 1996 under Professor Stephen Stubbs at the University of the Arts in Bremen (Germany). He has participated in numerous master classes, including under Frank Bungarten, Paul O‘Dette and Hopkinson Smith. In addition to the Renaissance lute, he has mastered the chitarrone, vihuela, baroque lute and baroque guitar. He also interprets guitar music from the classical and early Romantic periods on instruments of the era. His concert performances include participation in various operas in Germany and other parts of the world, as well as numerous performances both as a soloist and in ensembles. He received an honourable mention in the international “Musica Antiqua” competition in Brügge in 1996 as the best lutenist. He participates in the production of CDs and broadcast productions and performs at a wide variety of festivals.

Booklet for A Renaissance Journey (Kunstkopf / Artifical Head Recording in PANTOFONIE®)

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