Biber: Harmonia Artificioso-Ariosa Der Musikalische Garten

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Label: Coviello Classics

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Chamber Music

Artist: Der Musikalische Garten

Composer: Heinrich Ignaz Biber (1644-1704), William Young (1610-1662), Domenico Gabrielli (1659-1690)

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  • Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber (1644 - 1704): Partia I in D Minor:
  • 1Partia I in D Minor: I. Sonata02:31
  • 2Partia I in D Minor: II. Allamande01:57
  • 3Partia I in D Minor: III. Gigue04:21
  • 4Partia I in D Minor: IV. Aria02:39
  • 5Partia I in D Minor: V. Sarabande03:05
  • 6Partia I in D Minor: VI. Finale00:48
  • Partia II in B Minor:
  • 7Partia II in B Minor: I. Praeludium01:48
  • 8Partia II in B Minor: II. Allamande - Variatio03:11
  • 9Partia II in B Minor: III. Balletto00:58
  • 10Partia II in B Minor: IV. Aria00:39
  • 11Partia II in B Minor: V. Gigue01:19
  • Partia III in A Major:
  • 12Partia III in A Major: I. Praeludium01:23
  • 13Partia III in A Major: II. Allamande01:55
  • 14Partia III in A Major: III. Amener00:58
  • 15Partia III in A Major: IV. Balletto01:02
  • 16Partia III in A Major: V. Gigue00:31
  • 17Partia III in A Major: VI. Ciacona03:31
  • Partia IV in E-Flat Major:
  • 18Partia IV in E-Flat Major: I. Sonata02:24
  • 19Partia IV in E-Flat Major: II. Allamande01:43
  • 20Partia IV in E-Flat Major: III. Trezza00:53
  • 21Partia IV in E-Flat Major: IV. Aria01:12
  • 22Partia IV in E-Flat Major: V. Canario00:34
  • 23Partia IV in E-Flat Major: VI. Gigue01:06
  • 24Partia IV in E-Flat Major: VII. Pollicinello00:20
  • Partia V in G Minor:
  • 25Partia V in G Minor: I. Intrada01:20
  • 26Partia V in G Minor: II. Aria01:43
  • 27Partia V in G Minor: III. Balletto00:31
  • 28Partia V in G Minor: IV. Gigue00:48
  • 29Partia V in G Minor: V. Passacaglia04:16
  • Partia VI in D Major:
  • 30Partia VI in D Major: I. Praeludium02:39
  • 31Partia VI in D Major: II. Aria - Variatio I-XIII13:08
  • 32Partia VI in D Major: III. Finale01:28
  • Partia VII in C Minor:
  • 33Partia VII in C Minor: I. Praeludium02:32
  • 34Partia VII in C Minor: II. Allamande01:51
  • 35Partia VII in C Minor: III. Sarabande01:40
  • 36Partia VII in C Minor: IV. Gigue01:53
  • 37Partia VII in C Minor: V. Aria01:37
  • 38Partia VII in C Minor: VI. Trezza00:45
  • 39Partia VII in C Minor: VII. Arietta variata05:56
  • Total Runtime01:22:55

Info for Biber: Harmonia Artificioso-Ariosa

Even in the17th century critics called it a "forced art", and indeed, even for many professionals today it is not easy to understand scordatura as an intuitive way of playing the violin. But when composers master the art of retuned strings to perfection, completely new sound experiences are possible. Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber was without question one of the greatest in this field, and so his seven sonatas recorded here actually offer "artful vocal harmonies", as the Latin title promises. In each sonata, Biber prescribes different, sometimes considerably deviating from the usual tunings – the result is sometimes considerably more, sometimes considerably less tension on the strings, which leads to a completely new tonal differentiation of the apparently so familiar string instruments. The ensemble Der Musikalische Garten presents this technically and musically perfect.

Der Musikalische Garten

Musikalische Garten
When the ensemble Der Musikalische Garten (the musical garden) presented its first joint CD titled à 2 Violin. Verstimbt (which means “for two mistuned violins”) in 2014, Bavarian Radio praised the four musicians Karoline Echeverri Klemm, Germán Echeverri Chamorro, Annekatrin Beller and Daniela Niedhammer for a “natural and fresh approach” bringing an impressive garden of hitherto unknown music into bloom. In à 2 Violin. Verstimbt the ensemble focused entirely on its core repertoire: the brilliant, colourful world of Baroque trio sonatas for scordatura (intentionally mistuned) violins.

By adopting this approach, which is generally avoided for purely practical reasons, the ensemble had already caused a sensation in 2013, winning five international awards in the space of just a few months. They won first prize in the International H.I.F. Biber Competition in St. Florian, Austria, first prize in the 1st International Berlin Bach Competition, the Gebrüder-Graun-Preis in the 6th International Graun Brothers Competition in Bad Liebenwerda, Germany, and the Alte Musik 2013 bursary from Saarland Radio. Furthermore, Der Musikalische Garten was awarded the First EUBO Development Trust Prize in the York Early Music International Young Artists Competition, an accolade bestowed on the most promising ensemble.

All four musicians of the ensemble studied historical perfomance at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis and they keep looking for new musical paths and unknown musical gems, for the hidden trails and extraordinary flowers of the musical garden. Thus their next CD offered a glimpse into the music collection of the merchant Lucas Sarasin from Basel and presents rarely heard chamber music of the beginning of the classical period. The third recording of the group features six Concerti à 3 composed by the violin virtuoso Giuseppe Antonio Brescianello - another previously neglected musical treasure. The ensemble was invited to give concerts at prestigious festivals throughout Germany, such as the Musikfestspiele Potsdam Sanssouci, the Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and at the Händel-Haus Halle.

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