Human Samling Harald Lassen

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Label: Jazzland Recordings

Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Modern Jazz

Artist: Harald Lassen

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  • 1Before you came01:23
  • 2Berry Joy03:06
  • 3Voyager04:42
  • 4Thinkwalk03:05
  • 5Stella05:12
  • 6ListenTo04:22
  • 7Awaa!03:00
  • 8About music02:08
  • 9How it feels pt.102:01
  • 10How it feels pt. 204:26
  • 11Pillow talk01:55
  • Total Runtime35:20

Info for Human Samling

Harald Lassen returns with a new album, "Human samling" and shows that his growing acclaim and reputation as a unique creative force within Norwegian jazz is not only justified but plain for all to hear.

Following on from his album "Eventyrer" and its offshoots, "Remix-Eventyrer" and the singles "Spazi Siderali" and "Ekstase tyvetyve", "Human samling" once again demonstrates a deft handling of the experimental and adventurous without complete abandonment of melody, harmony or pulse.

Lassen doesn't defy convention, however. Instead he makes the smarter play, and bends convention to his will. This is jazz, but jazz of a different shape and colour, and a jazz that travels down a multitude of cultural roads. You can hear hints of a legion of musical legacies from across the ages, so much so that you begin to wonder if they're really there or if you're dreaming them. Was that a nod to Steve Reich? Or Frank Zappa? Was that a whisper of Pink Floyd? A quote from Weather Report? Or was it John Coltrane? The answer to all such questions can only be "maybe", but throughout one thing is certain: it's absolutely Lassen.

Such music can only come from a clear and free and open mind. The degree to which one can perceive Harald Lassen as a "Jazz musician" or instead as "a musician who happens to make jazz" is difficult to quantify or express. He is not wilfully mercurial or capricious, but eternally curious and expressive. Perhaps the name for such music has yet to exist.

His ultra-reliable and always impressive band maintain a perfect synchronicity, not merely in terms of metrics, but also in terms of the prevailing musical winds, sailing in unison towards the same destination, never becoming lost in their own peregrinations, but remaining distinct individuals rather than mere tools for Lassen's imagination.

"Remarkably beautiful and pleasant sounding music for our times" - Dagens Næringsliv

"A masterpiece! So incredibly fresh, effortless and cool" -

"I feel embraced" - Jazznytt

Harald Lassen, saxophone, MidiMe, piano, vocals, percussion
Bram De Looze, piano, synth
Stian A. E. Andersen, double bass
Tore Flatjord, drums, percussion
Sander Eriksen Nordahl, guitars

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