The Quantum Phase The End Machine

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Label: Frontiers Music Srl

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Hard Rock

Artist: The End Machine

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FLAC 96 $ 13.20
  • 1Black Hole Extinction04:36
  • 2Silent Winter05:44
  • 3Killer Of The Night04:54
  • 4Hell or High Water04:50
  • 5Stand Up04:24
  • 6Burning Man04:14
  • 7Shattered Glass Heart05:25
  • 8Time05:13
  • 9Hunted04:40
  • 10Stranger In The Mirror04:54
  • 11Into The Blazing Sun02:45
  • Total Runtime51:39

Info for The Quantum Phase

Get ready for an electrifying return as The End Machine, the American rock supergroup, prepares to unveil their highly anticipated second album ‘The Quantum Machine’, produced by legendary bass player and producer Jeff Pilson and released through Frontiers Records.

The End Machine is George Lynch, Girish Pradham, Steve Brown and Jeff Pilson. The band's journey has been a deliberate return to the classic Dokken sound, as revealed by guitarist George Lynch in a 2021 interview. With their upcoming release, The End Machine is poised to redefine the very essence of rock'n'roll, blending their signature sound with renewed energy, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of musical exploration. The album promises to be a sonic tour de force, taking listeners on an emotional odyssey through the soaring highs and introspective lows that have become the band's hallmark. Don't miss the rock event of the year as The End Machine supercharges their sound and prepares to make history once again.

The End Machine

The End Machine
The End: machine’s sound developed through several songwriting sessions between Pilson and Lynch, but while The End: machine’s lineup may have fans making assumptions about the sound of the band, things took a different turn. "The real truth of it is that George and I have this great songwriting partnership that's been going on for 35 years, and we love to work together,” says bassist and album producer Jeff Pilson. "When we bring Mick into play, we're at home — we're so comfortable as a rhythm section and we work together so well. And Mick is just a tremendous asset to any band — let's face it. So the three of us together do have that chemistry, whether we're doing DOKKEN, or we did a T&N record a few years ago, or whether we're doing THE END MACHINE."

Pilson continued: "George and I wrote a bunch of this music, and then, when Robert Mason got involved, we realized, 'Wow! This is it’s own animal. This is incredible.' Robert's voice is just so super human; his writing is amazing. And so the three of us doing the writing really formed into something that I think people are gonna be surprised by. There are the DOKKEN elements there — no question — and there's a bit of LYNCH MOB in there too. But there's also something very musical about this record. We sort of let ourselves get very musical and kind of deep in spots, but in a very melodic, accessible way. The result is an album that stands independent from DOKKEN and it stands independent from LYNCH MOB, although there are definitely elements about that, and you're certainly not gonna mistake George's guitar playing.”

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