Common Buzzard Blues 3 Dayz Whizkey

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Label: Timezone

Genre: Blues

Subgenre: Bluesy Rock

Artist: 3 Dayz Whizkey

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  • 1Back on the River04:36
  • 2High & Dry04:16
  • 3I'll get by04:12
  • 4Stop04:59
  • 5Last Minute Man04:05
  • 6Highway Song03:55
  • 7Railroad Track03:26
  • 8Bad Boy03:33
  • 9Jolene04:36
  • 10Right time wrong place03:54
  • 11Through the Smoke03:07
  • Total Runtime44:39

Info for Common Buzzard Blues

Endlich ist es da: das vierte Album der Regensburger Southern Bluesrocker 3 Dayz Whizkey. Viel ist passiert seit dem letzten Studioalbum „Steam“ (2014). Aber die Band ist gereift wie ein guter Wein und hat nun wie der Mäusebussard auf dem Cover wieder alles fest im Griff.

Ergänzt um Keys erweiterte sich das Soundspektrum und führt dazu, dass der Rock noch heftiger scheppert, der Blues noch mehr wehklagt und der Country breit klingt wie ein Westernfilm. Dabei wäre die Platte fast nicht entstanden. Unzufrieden mit den ersten Aufnahmen vor mehr als zwei Jahren hat Songwriter Copperfield alles wieder eingestampft und auf Eis gelegt. Die Hälfte der Songs wurde neu geschrieben und führten schließlich zur Common Buzzard Blues Session im November 2018.

Ein Raubvogel, der beim Songwriting auf der Copperfield Ranch seine Kreise zog, gab dem Album seinen Namen. Es kann manchmal so einfach sein: alle Musiker in einem Raum und auf den Aufnahmeknopf drücken. Bewusst wurde auf langwierige Overdub-Sessions verzichtet. Ein Großteil entstand in nur drei Takes. Ungewöhnlich und altmodisch aber durchschlagend.

Myles Tyler, Gesang
Tilo George (T.G.) Copperfield, Gitarre
Brad the Snake, Gitarre
Little Chris, Schlagzeug
Big Tony, Bass

3 Dayz Whizkey
makes honest Rock and Roll music.

Formed in 2012 as a Bluesrock Power Trio, 3 Dayz Whizkey fastly developped into a blues-driven Rock and Roll band deeply rooted in Southern Rock. Their first album “The devil and the deep blue sea”(Timezone Records, 2012) was produced by Big Tony and delivers pure Bluesrock. The album was mainly recorded by founding musicians Tilo George Copperfield (guitar), Big Tony (Bass) and Little Chris (drums). Guest musicians completed the studio line-up.

After first gigs, Brad the Snake was added to the original line-up as a guitar player and soon vocalist Myles Tyler joined the band. As a five-piece Rockband they recorded their second album “Black Water” (Timezone Records) in 2013. Again produced by Big Tony at “Captain´s Cabin” studios. This critically acclaimed longplayer lead 3 Dayz Whizkey to their first Germany Tour and a nomination for one of the most important record awards, the “Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik”.

2013 was a year of constant touring and more than 70 gigs all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This reinforced their status as a top live act and lead to three German Rock and Pop Awards in the category “best Rhythm and Blues band”.

2014 3 Dayz Whizkey´s permanent touring made the fan-base grow bigger and many sold-out shows paved their way on their second big Germany tour. Along the way they had the honor to support Vdelli, Henrik Freischlader, Ohrenfeindt, Pat Travers, Saxon, Michael Schenker, King King or U.D.O, just to name a few. Simultaneously they hit the studio and recorded their third record “Steam” (Timezone Records). The 17 tracks of the album were completely recorded live in the studio with nearly no overdubs, no headphones and no technical tricks. This makes “Steam” sound like a real 70s record and critics and fans all over the world praise the warm sound and the songwriting of the longplayer. A great step forward creatively and musically. An organic blend of Rock and Roll, Southern Rock, R&B and Country.

Another “German Rock and Pop Award” was the consequence of the high quality and enthusiastic work on the albums and high energy shows live on tour in 2014.

The band´s credo is playing live and playing hard. Spread good music to the people and keep the spirit of Rock and Roll and Blues alive. They are aware of the heritage and long history of the music they are playing and proud to be a part of the Rock and Roll touring circus. They simply love what they do and they do it for their fans! 3 Dayz Whizkey is more than a band. It´s a brotherhood on stage and off stage. It´s one for all and all for one. This fact reflects in their music as well as in everything they do.

This album contains no booklet.

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