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  • 1Surviving03:04
  • 2Criminal Energy03:11
  • 3Delivery03:13
  • 455503:41
  • 5One Mil03:07
  • 6All The Way (Stay)04:05
  • 7Diamond03:13
  • 8Love Never02:54
  • 9Recommit03:50
  • 10Congratulations06:11
  • Total Runtime36:29

Info for Surviving

The highly anticipated TENTH full length album from the legendary rockers Jimmy Eat World. Following on from 2016's critically acclaimed Integrity Blues with another dose of their infectious, emo-soaked and heart-warming signature sound. The album will also feature a new version of 2018's single Love Never.

Surviving is the band’s most personal, ambitious album to date and front man Jim Adkins once again proves himself as one of the most prolific songwriters in rock & roll.

As Adkins himself puts it, “Surviving explores some of the different kinds of weights my ego tells me I have to carry, what I see people around me choosing to carry and what I have found to be the truth when I choose to let go”.

Surviving is a timely reminder of just why Jimmy Eat World are still selling out venues, headlining festivals and scoring top 10 albums as new generations of fans adopt their songs as the soundtrack to their lives.

Jim Adkins, vocals, guitar
Rick Burch, guitar, vocals
Tom Linton, bass
Zach Lind, drums

Jimmy Eat World
Almost every Rock group that has managed to pack an arena has a tribute band or two. These groups roam the countryside. Like a road version of a Broadway show, tribute bands didn't originate the characters or write the parts, but they have got the lines down. And that's what counts.

Out in Mesa, AZ, in the mid-90s, some junior high friends took the leap. Jimmy Eat World's Jim Adkins (guitar/vocals), Tom Linton (guitar/vocals), Rick Burch (bass) and Zach Lind (drums) formed as a Metallica tribute band (all Metallica, all the time) - and why not. Imitating Metallica's lethal chops was an excellent way to learn. Eventually, they moved from the Metallica material and started writing their own songs.

Soon, Jimmy Eat World started down the indie release route gaining notoriety along the way. "Static Prevails" out in '96 was their full-length debut. Two years later their "Jimmy Eat World" EP arrived. '99 saw the group's major label debut with "Clarity." They also contributed songs to the "Never Been Kissed" soundtrack ("Lucky Denver Mint") and the Duran Duran tribute compilation ("New Religion"). Continuing to build momentum, "Bleed American" was released in '01 as the group landed on the Warped Tour. Later in the year, they hit the road in support of Blink 182.

Jimmy Eat World returned to the studio in early '04 but things didn't go well. So producer Gil Norton (Foo Fighters) was brought in. Later in the year, "Futures" arrived containing the title track, "Pain" and "Work." " The album was named one of the Top 50 Records of '04 by Rolling Stone magazine and made Spin's 40 Best Albums of the Year (#21 on the list). The group spent a large portion of '05 opening for Green Day.

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