Handel: Miscellaneous Keyboard Works Giovanni Mazzocchin

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Label: OnClassical

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Instrumental

Artist: Giovanni Mazzocchin

Composer: George Frideric Handel (1685–1759)

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  • George Frideric Handel (1685 - 1759):
  • 1Handel: Allemande in F Major, HWV 47605:32
  • 2Handel: Gigue in F Major, HWV 49200:50
  • 3Handel: Chaconne in F Major, HWV 48503:54
  • 4Handel: Keyboard Sonata in G Minor, HWV 58001:56
  • 5Handel: Keyboard Sonatina in G Minor, HWV 58300:32
  • 6Handel: Suite in G Minor, HWV 453: II. Entrée01:18
  • 7Handel: Air in G Minor, HWV 46702:44
  • 8Handel: Minuet in G Minor, HWV 434/401:38
  • 9Handel: Capriccio in G Minor, HWV 48301:24
  • 10Handel: Chaconne in G Minor, HWV 48604:09
  • 11Handel: Prelude in G Minor, HWV 57200:59
  • 12Handel: Fugue in G Minor, HWV 60502:47
  • 13Handel: Fugue in G Major, HWV 60603:21
  • 14Handel: Fugue in B-Flat Major, HWV 60703:35
  • 15Handel: Fugue in B Minor, HWV 60803:22
  • 16Handel: Prelude in A Minor, HWV 57501:56
  • 17Handel: Fugue in A Minor, HWV 60904:47
  • 18Handel: Fugue in C Minor, HWV 61002:41
  • 19Handel: Preludium in F Major, HWV 56701:59
  • 20Handel: Fugue in F Major, HWV 61102:23
  • 21Handel: Prelude in E Major, HWV 56601:30
  • 22Handel: Fugue in E Major, HWV 61201:46
  • 23Handel: Allemande in B Minor, HWV 47903:12
  • 24Handel: Courante in B Minor, HWV 48901:28
  • 25Handel: Allemande in A Minor, HWV 47802:31
  • 26Handel: Allemande in A Major, HWV 47702:48
  • 27Handel: Chaconne in G Major, HWV 43512:50
  • Total Runtime01:17:52

Info for Handel: Miscellaneous Keyboard Works

Georg Friedrich Handel was born 1685 in Halle, Germany, and worked in Germany, Italy and England.

In 1720 Handel became Musical Director of the Royal Academy of Music in London, and in 1727 a naturalized English Citizen. When he died in 1759 he was recognized as one of the most important composers of his time known for his operas and oratorios (among them, The Messiah), for his concerto grossi and his organ concertos, and for his chamber music and solo harpsichord music. Most of Handel's keyboard works date from the period of 1720–1740, and many of them were printed during the composer's lifetime.

The compositions of this particular album are rare works covering a wide span of Handel’s creative life, from his Hamburg years until about 1750; but most of them were written before 1720.

The album contains a collection of freely assembled pieces into "suites" based on the key. Each suite ends with an magnificent chaconne. The famous Chaconne in G major, also included, was based on the ancient "ground bass" also used by contemporary Johann Sebastian Bach in his Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 [also recorded by the performer]. The eight fugues (HWV 605-612) are here presented with preludes in "arpeggiato" style.

The performer, Giovanni Mazzocchin (Beethoven, L. van: Late Piano Sonatas, Op. 101, 106 'Hammer-Klavier', 109, 110, 111; Beethoven, L. van: Variations 'Diabelli' Op. 120 & Bagatelles Op. 126; Haydn, FJ: Late Piano Sonatas, Nos. 59-62 (Hob.XVI: 49-52)), arranged a special album with music that is rarely heard on the modern piano and, nonetheless, flaunts its skills in baroque embellishments and arpeggios.

The recording was captured using a pair of Brüel & Kjær microphones from the 90s.

Giovanni Mazzocchin, piano

Giovanni Mazzocchin
is born in Bassano del Grappa in 1994. He studied at the Conservatory 'Arrigo Pedrollo' in Vicenza under the guidance of Marco Tezza.

During the years of conservatory he also attended masterclasses with some notable pianists such as Carlo Grante, Alexander Madzar and Filippo Gamba. He degreed in 2012 with high degrees, honor and special mention.

Giovanni is now student at the University of the Padua in the faculty of Computer Science, and he combines the study with the musical interest.

He is as an OnClassical artist since November 2015. A first collaboration with the label includes the recording of the late sonatas by Ludwig van Beethoven, Opus 101 & 106 (Hammerklavier) and Opus 109, 110, 111 (OnClassical Cat. OC141C), and the Bach's Goldberg Variations.

This album contains no booklet.

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