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Label: Denovali Records

Genre: Electronic

Subgenre: Ambient

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FLAC 44.1 $ 12.80
  • 1Prologue04:21
  • 2Part I06:50
  • 3Interlude01:34
  • 4Part II08:46
  • 5Prelude02:06
  • 6At Your Enemies04:51
  • 7Part IV09:14
  • 8Epilogue07:45
  • Total Runtime45:27

Info for Reflections

On reflections, Philipp Rumsch explores the reduction of sound and its alteration through compositional parameters, the use and gradual overlaying of repetitive structures of rhythms like patterns or grooves. These rhythms are used as a narrative concept and as an alternative way of arranging time structures, like breathing cycles in contrast to clear metric grids. Starting from the idea of translating the sound language of Ambient, Minimal Music and Pop in an abstract way into an orchestral format, Philipp Rumsch formed an ensemble in autumn 2015, in order to explore this kind of music with a compositional-conceptual approach, while integrating the idea of improvisation at the same time.

Thereby Rumsch not only refers to a tonal language, which is characterised by reduction and cold simplicity, but integrates also his preference for compositional-conceptual and improvisational approaches of contemporary music by getting closer to a popular music context. Besides his own compositions, there is also „At Your Enemies“ by John Frusciante and Josh Klinghoffer, which is part of the suite and constitutes its dramaturgical junction.

All the members of the ensemble are based in the classic and jazz scenes of Leipzig, Berlin, Dresden and Weimar. On reflections they form an unusual cast which opens up new soundscapes by combining contradictory associations. As a result, stylistic boundaries on the one hand, composition and improvisation on the other hand merge successfully. For this reason dense atmospheres and a strong suggestive power exist alongside a subtle intimacy and a concentration on structure.

Twelve musicians, who constitute the core of the ensemble, recorded reflections in October and December 2016, directed by Nico Teichmann in the Echolux Studios in Leipzig. Together with the producer duo Zodiaque, Philipp Rumsch mixed and produced the recordings. The final mastering was made by Rashad Becker.

Reflections as the first composition for this ensemble was performed in February 2016. As a suite it consists of eight parts, one prologue and one epilogue, two interludes and four main sections, which are all connected with each other in a conceptual way and characterised by certain compositional and aesthetic ideas forming recurring elements.

Erik Leuthäuser, Gesang, Effekte
Vincent Hahn, Trompete, Flügelhorn
Antonia Hausmann, Posaune
Matti Oehl, Altsaxophon
Johannes Moritz, Bassklarinette, Klarinette
Franziska Ludwig, Cello
The Road Up North, Vibraphon, Live Elektronik
Markus Rom, E-Gitarre
Paul Brauner, Kontrabass
Christian Dähne, E-Bass
Maximilian Stadtfeld, Schlagzeug, Klavier
Philipp Rumsch, Klavier, Komposition, Leitung

Philipp Rumsch
born in 1994, is a composer, pianist, and sound designer based in Leipzig, Germany. At the age of seven he gathered first musical experiences before he finally decided to learn the piano another seven years later. Since October 2013, Philipp has been studying jazz- piano at the Academy of Music and Theatre Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy in Leipzig with Richie Beirach, Michael Wollny and Ralf Schrabbe. Between 2016 and 2017 he was studying piano, composition and sound design at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen with, among others, Valgeir Sigurðsson, Niels-Lyhne Løkkegard, August Rosenbaum and Simon Toldam.

Philipp is working both as a pianist and composer/ arranger within different settings and projects and has written music for theater. His work is influenced by pop, electroacoustic, contemporary classical and improvised music. Since 2017 Philipp is signed by the German record label Denovali.

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