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Label: Deutsche Grammophon (DG)

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Opera

Artist: Wiener Philharmoniker & Carlo Maria Giulini

Composer: Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901)

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  • Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901): Rigoletto / Preludio:
  • 1Preludio02:05
  • Rigoletto / Act 1:
  • 2Della mia bella incognita borghese01:47
  • 3Questa o quella...Partite? Crudele!06:53
  • 4Ch'io gli parli04:49
  • 5Quel vecchio maledivami!04:32
  • 6Pari siamo!... io la lingua03:34
  • 7Figlia! / Mio padre!05:52
  • 8Già da tre lune son qui venuta06:54
  • 9Giovanna, ho dei rimorsi02:49
  • 10E il sol dell'anima03:42
  • 11Che m'ami, deh! ripetimi - Addio... speranza ed anima02:02
  • 12Gualtier Maldè ... Caro nome... / Miratela06:18
  • 13Riedo!... perché? / Silencio...all'opra02:15
  • 14Zitti, zitti, muoviamo a vendetta02:48
  • Rigoletto / Act 2:
  • 15Ella mi fu rapita!02:18
  • 16Parmi veder le lagrime02:45
  • 17Duca, Duca! L'amante fu rapita a Rigoletto / Ebben?02:19
  • 18Possente amor mi chiama03:18
  • 19Povero Rigoletto!03:18
  • 20Cortigiani, vil razza dannata04:37
  • 21Mio padre! / Dio! Mia Gilda!01:50
  • 22Tutte le feste al tempio03:00
  • 23Ah! Solo per me l'infamia04:08
  • 24Poiché fosti invano da me maledetto03:10
  • Rigoletto / Act 3:
  • 25E l'ami? / Sempre02:14
  • 26La donna è mobile03:05
  • 27Un dì, se ben rammentomi01:38
  • 28Bella figlia dell'amore04:23
  • 29M'odi, ritorna a casa01:25
  • 30Maddalena? / Aspettate02:53
  • 31È amabile invero cotal giovinotto06:17
  • 32Della vendetta alfin giunge l'istante04:41
  • 33Chi è mai, chi è qui in sua vece?01:46
  • 34V'ho ingannato04:20
  • Total Runtime01:59:45

Info for Verdi: Rigoletto (Remaster)

"This is not one of the most famous recordings of Verdi's warhorse, but in my opinion it is the best. The great Italian conductor Carlo Maria Giulini stays away from the melodramatic caricature of opera that this can easily turn into, and brings out the dark, brooding colors of the drama and of the music. He combines lyricism with the greatest dramatic power, at speeds which feel exactly right, even though they are slower than most. And not only does he have a superb individual view of the piece, he is a sensitive accompanist, too, giving the excellent Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra its full dominance without drowning out the singers. And what singers! The velvety, golden voice of Piero Cappuccilli, used with unfailing intelligence and musicality; the warm, gorgeous voice of Plácido Domingo; and perhaps most stunning of all, the bewitching lyric soprano of Ileana Cotrubas, the best Gilda I have ever heard. These singers may not hit the stratospheric unwritten high notes on the Bonynge recording with Pavarotti, Milnes and Sutherland, but they do offer consistently refined, thoughtful and beautiful singing. Cotrubas' radiant singing alone is worth the modest price of this set. The great Bulgarian bass Nicolai Ghiaurov makes a riveting, dark-toned Sparafucile; Elena Obraztsova sings Maddalena perfectly well, though not on the level of her colleagues. Kurt Moll is cast luxuriously as Monterone. At mid-price, with full libretto and translation and with excellent work from the VPO and chorus, this is a Rigoletto that must be in all Verdi collections."

Wiener Philharmoniker
Carlo Maria Giulini, conductor

Digitally remastered

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