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Info for Noriaki

Molde author Endre Ruset has had great success with his poetry book, Noriaki, which was published by Flamme Forlag in 2017. It has been called jump poetry, as the poems throughout use the name Noriaki, after the legendary Japanese ski jumper Noriaki Kasai. Since 2014, Noriaki has also been a tea ceremony and an evolving art project with musician Stian Omenås. In 2022, Endre and Stian decided to make a recording of the Noriaki book.

They were joined by pianist Jon Balke and recorded the disc over two days in Hov Kirke in Norway. The result was a beautiful journey through different sounds and moods, from experimental minimalism to magnificent lyrical passages. Energetic, attentive and focussed. A dreamy poetic journey from Molde to Japan, through the different seasons and all its senses. The poems are short, but full of grandeur. The music immediately takes hold of the words and accelerates into the unknown, but always finds its way, security and landing - like a steady ski jump.

Endre Ruset, poems
Stian Omenås, trumpet, percussion, glass bowls, harmonica, glockenspiel
Jon Balke, piano

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