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FLAC 96 $ 14.50
  • 1Turunen: Grow05:31
  • 2Turunen: Together04:56
  • 3Turunen: Metropol Round04:39
  • 4Turunen: The End06:31
  • 5Turunen: Longing For06:02
  • 6Brandqvist: Alone Again03:20
  • 7Turunen: Joy Dance04:27
  • 8Turunen: Gathering04:02
  • 9Traditional: Laulu on Iloni Ja Työni04:29
  • 10Turunen: Forgotten05:24
  • 11Turunen: I Will Come to You05:39
  • 12Mulot: Approche05:23
  • 13Turunen: Soul Flight05:20
  • Total Runtime01:05:43

Info for Lifesparks

The focus of many a jazz aficionado has shifted to Tuomas A. Turunen due to his role as the pianist who sets the course for the playing in the Emil Brandqvist Trio, currently one of Europe’s most successful piano trios. For instance, with the album “Seascapes” the highly acclaimed group was able to celebrate an ECHO JAZZ AWARD nomination, “Falling Crystals” climbed to a No. 7 ranking on the German Jazz Charts, and both “Within A Dream” and “Entering The Woods” even made it into the Top 5. The pianist from Finland appeared not only as soloist on these albums but as composer, too. While still studying in Gothenburg, Sweden, his teachers included the renowned Anders Jormin. In 2010 he received the Special Jury Prize in the Piano Competitions at the Montreux Jazz Festival. And in 2017, his solo album “Ornaments Of Time” reaped well-deserved, exuberant reviews from critics.

For his newest work entitled “Lifesparks”, the Finn who calls the south of France home at the moment packed his bags and went to the famous ARTE SUONO studio in Udine, Italy to record his second solo album, once again with legendary sound engineer Stefano Amerio. In turn, once again the recordings presented are very personal facets. “Many of these songs are like musical illustrations of simple, yet precious moments from my everyday life. Seeing my son playing and growing up, or just being together with the loved ones… Many times the simple moments are the most precious ones. Nevertheless, some titles refer to more dramatic situations from the past, as well as to some unforgettable bursts of joy. These little and big moments are the inspiration for the music on this album – they are the special spices that give the unique taste for the world as I experience it. I call these moments my Lifesparks.”

A central role on “Lifesparks” is most definitely played by the composition “The End”, which is simultaneously the longest track on the album. “Joy Dance” has all the makings of a cheery tribute to his son, while on “Approche”, a piece composed by his wife, Stephanie Mulot, he turns his attention to classical influences. Cross-references to his co-players for many years in the Emil Brandqvist Trio are naturally not lacking, either. With “Metropol Round” he offers an appealing solo version of the piece already recorded with the trio back in 2017, and his long-standing companion Emil Brandqvist wrote a composition especially for this solo album that bears the name “Alone Again”. This audiophonic world comprised of poetry, emotion and virtuoso talent breathes one thing first and foremost: the authenticity of a neo-romantic pianist who glides lissomely between the worlds of jazz, classical and crossover, and who touches with his music.

Tuomas Antero Turunen, piano

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