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Beverly Glenn-Copeland
The diverse work of legendary singer, composer and transgender activist Beverly Glenn-Copeland has been gathering momentum in recent years thanks to a reissue of the extraordinary folk-jazz explorations of his debut self-titled album (1970) and the widespread discovery of his acclaimed masterpiece Keyboard Fantasies (1986); an ahead-of-it’s-time synth exploration which somehow combines the essence of new-age minimalism, early Detroit techno and the warmth of traditional songwriting.

Throughout a fifty year recording career, Beverly Glenn-Copeland's music has defied categorisation and genre, its only consistency being the extraordinary fusion of vision, technology, spirituality and place.

Beverly Glenn-Copeland (Glenn to his friends and acquaintances) is now in his late-70’s, Glenn-Copeland was born into a musical family and studied the classical piano repertoire from ‘cradlehood,’ listening to his father playing the piano four to five hours a day. He moved from his home-town of Philadelphia to study classical music at McGill University, Montreal in 1961 (focussing on the European song repertoire) before he suddenly felt called to write music that would weave influences from the myriad musical cultures he had come to love.

After many years of absence from the concert stage, Glenn-Copeland has resumed performing with his new band, Indigo Rising, in Canada and Europe. With great joy and appreciation Glenn-Copeland acknowledges his deep connection with the younger generations that are now so enthusiastically embracing his music!

Moved from Philadelphia to Canada in 1961 to study at McGill University. Trained as a vocalist, he released a self-titled debut album in 1970, now a collector’s favorite, before earning a spot as a regular contributor on children’s TV show Mr. Dressup. Over 40 years Copeland remained dedicated to forward movement, writing plays, composing soundtracks and writing music that channels and celebrates the varied cultural influences of his own background. His 1984 self-released electronic album Keyboard Fantasies was reissued in 2016, its visionary approach resonating with the ears of a new generation.

In this lecture at the Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp Montréal 2017, Copeland spoke with refreshing honesty and generosity about lessons learned, and imparted plenty of timeless advice about the unifying and healing powers of art.

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