Biography Alma

Hoe-ho! Yodelling – freely interpreted this is the Esperanto of Alpine music. Can a world-aid language serving international communication have a sister language in Alpine regions? It can indeed. The beautiful sounding language melody of yodelling can unmistakably forward messages where official language never manages to express emotional moods, and can also overcome language barriers.

If one frees the yodel syllable mentioned above (hoe-ho) of its consonants, the result is oeo, the title of the programme. ALMA again presents ‘contemporary folk music’, this time from a new perspective: in their new compositions ALMA try for a short time to fade out the terrible events going on in the world, which nevertheless cannot be avoided, so as to submerge themselves in an idyll, yet without forgetting the omnipresent horrors and ills of our world. If in so doing a feeling of homeland arises, all the better. Perhaps even feelings of socialisation become apparent but with no spatial reference – only in the heart.

And while we are talking about the heart: the landler is the original form of Austrian folk music. Packed inside is the heartbeat – really! The emphasis in this three-four rhythm genre is on bars one and three. This produces a rhythm that resembles a healthily beating heart muscle: bum-bum, bumbum. The conclusion from this is that ALMA not only play soul music, it goes even deeper: heart music!

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