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Ouriel Ellert
has been a composer and bass player. Born in France in 1982, he grew up in rural settings, listening to Jazz and music from all over the world.While he worked his first job as a carpenter he studied jazz, contemporary music and afro-Cuban music in various schools and conservatories. He soon became a professional musician and moved to Paris in 2009.

He had the chance to work with many national and international artists: Mamani Keita, Martha High, Les yeux noirs, Maya Kamaty, Olivier Ker Ourio, l’Orchestre d’Alexis Gruss, Natascha Rogers, Alex Stuart, Bastien Picot, Laurent Derache, Anthony Jambon, …

In 2013, he started his own trio Nowhere, for which he composes modern and electric music, drawing on his multiple influences.

You can listen to him today on stage or recordings, performing extremely varied musical styles ranging from jazz to electric music, African and Cuban music, pop, soul, etc.

One thing is sure: in all his work, he remains faithful to his nature.

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