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Jens Hausmann
For about 30 years Jens Hausmann has been a working musician live, in the studio and giving guitar-lessons. His passion for the guitar has taken him down many diverse stylistic paths, from the beginnings with classical music and roots in folk and jazz, through blues, rock, pop, latin, flamenco and back to classical music. Over the years Jens collected lots of experience and had his share in all kinds of music, working solo, or as a sideman in bands, big bands and even orchestras. That gave him the chance to develop his unique guitar style and singer/songwriter music. His debut singer/songwriter album, “Back On The Track”, was released in 1999 on which his acoustic guitar playing is prominently featured, nowadays the main focus is on fingerstyle nylon string guitar. Currently Hausmann is working solo, in duos and as a sideman on acoustic and electric guitars, bass, mandolin, ukulele and vocals.

Besides playing and teaching he writes reviews, workshops and interviews for the German Magazine ‘Akustik Gitarre’.

Jens Hausmann, musician, journalist & guitar teacher focusing on acoustic crossover fingerstyle guitar in jazz, blues, latin, folk and classical music.

Through the years Jens Hausmann has developed a unique mix of singer/songwriter music and instrumental acoustic fingerstyle guitar.

His music has a lot of variety of styles somewhere between jazz, latin, folk and classical music. There is a strong part of contemporary singer/songwriter tradition, a more jazzy bluesy side and this ever present touch of latin and flamenco elements and classical guitar mixed with a piano-like approach combining two or more parts simultaneously, like baselines, chords and melodies. Over the years duos were his favourite and main working field. The other half could be almost anything: guitar, double bass, harp, saxophone, flute, vocals…since 1994 he has been working as a Solo Artist playing with versatility, and virtuosity. Jens Hausmann writes and sings clever songs from the heart with a more than solid musicianship, there is no time where it’s finished. This is timeless: something that never goes out of style, joyful, playful made with passion, lips & fingers. This doesn’t mean being against new technical achievements, but still it’s great to have it work without? Simply more intimate and personal, as life should be!

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