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Like the gathering of dry wood for kindling, Jesus Christ, during His time on Earth gathered His church from dry, unrooted places. He began to call together the poorest, most desperate people He could find. Even His own words showed us He did “not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”

This is the beginning of the church: the dry and weary people of God, having watched their Savior ascend into heaven, experience the spark of The Holy Spirit.

In 2018, Red Rocks Worship, having heard of what God was doing in India, went and explored it for themselves. How could such a small group of people have reached over 800,000 souls in such a short amount of time?

What they found there was not a foreign nation filled with people different from themselves, but rather brothers and sisters sharing their same hope in Jesus Christ. India is currently experiencing a raging fire of faith sweeping through their nation, not due to some new innovation, but from the faith of a few. The simplicity of those moments in India felt like they were ripped right from the book of Acts.

“It’s easy for me to think that America is the only place people worship Jesus,” says Jake. “That this is the only way that we do church. No! Jesus is moving all over this world and it looks like a bunch of different things.”

Inspired by what they saw in India, Red Rocks Worship came home ready to write new words and melodies based on the simplicity of the gatherings they were a part of there. The idea that a few people wholly focused on the truth of the gospel, could reach hundreds of thousands of dry souls with a single spark of truth.

Spark,​ a collection of new songs releasing throughout 2019 from Red Rocks Worship, is built to be a slow burn of truth for people in our nation. A melody they learned from the believer’s in India found its way into their song ​With All of Heaven.​ A simple “hallelujah” repeated as a reminder that as believers in Jesus when we sing that word, we are singing not only with believers in India and around the world but with all of heaven.

“That’s what we got out of India,” says Jerrica. “To realize we are all the same. It made us feel connected on a human level. We all have this desperate need. We are all just people needing a Savior.”

This is a new beginning. A harkening back to the simplicity of gathering to worship our God. The driest of wood burns the brightest, and with these new songs, Red Rocks Worship is boasting in their weaknesses knowing their God is stronger all the more.

Their hope for this album is to make much of God’s name and much less of their own. Just like a spark igniting seasoned wood, they hope this album would begin to do a work in our nation and grow into something uncontainable. That through their collective weakness, God’s power would be made evident. They are seeking to be faithful with the spark, trusting that God alone will bring forth the wildfire.

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