Frans Bak

Biography Frans Bak

Frans Bak
is a film composer with 30 years of music experience in the Scandinavian television and film industry.

He was educated at the prestigious Royal Danish Conservatory. After graduation he went on to play in several Danish bands, appearing as bandleader in over 100 TV shows. In 1988 commercial television launched in Denmark and Frans began scoring commercials.

To date Frans has scored well over 100 commercials. In 1990 Frans began scoring for film and television, covering all genres from symphonic orchestras to smaller ensembles and electronic scores. In 2002 Frans recorded his first TV crime series, Den 5:e kvinnan (aka “The Fifth Woman”) for Swedish Television. Later that year Frans composed all 20 episodes of the Emmy award winning Danish drama Nikolaj & Julie (aka “Nicholas & Juliet”).

Frans also scored the 3 time Emmy nominated TV series Forbrydelsen (aka “The Crime”) and Forbrydelsen II (aka “The Crime – Season 2”). Frans is currently working on the score for The Killing (AMC) adapted from the Danish format Forbrydelsen.

During his career Frans has scored 3 Oscar nominated shorts: Ernst & Lyset, Helmer & Son and Skal vi være kærester?

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