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Alessandro Bravo
took a degree at the piano academy and jazz school. He starts his artistic career in 1998 by winning a scholarship at the Siena Jazz winter courses.

He played in many important festivals such as Umbria jazz, Villa Celimontana (Roma), Jazz in allen (Monaco)Casa del jazz(Roma)Tokyo jazz festival(Giappone), and famous jazz clubs: Alexander Platz (Roma) La palma (Roma), Music Inn(Roma),La Fontaine (Parigi),Jazzhaus(Heidelberg)e Auditorium Parco della Musica Roma. Bravo has recorded 9 albums of which one was recorded during a radio live show at the European jazz contest of Bruxelles. He has played with: Aldo Bassi, Fabrizio Bosso, Ettore Fioravanti, Paolo Fresu, Maurizio Giammarco, Andy Gravish, Joy Garrison ,Gabriele Mirabassi, Antonello Salis, Miroslav Vitous, Francesco Bearzatti. Some of his songs were included in prestigious compilations like Jazz magazine, Jazz luonge (USA) and were brodcast by the national italian radios (Radio Rai 1,Radio Rai 2, Radio Tre Suite) and also international ones (Francia, Belgio, Germania, Giappone). Alessandro Bravo, with the band “Note di Sabbia”, was one of the 12 finalists in the tv program “Italia’s got talent”, playing live on one of the mainstream channels of the italian television, Canale 5. Currently he teaches at the Jazz Conservatory “N.Sala” of Benevento (Italy) and also teaches jazz piano at the Conservatory “F.Morlacchi” of Perugia (Italy).

Emiliano Caroselli
grew up in Rome, Italy. His father was an avid collector of cassettes and vinyls and he recalls spending hours on end listening to music. On long car journeys they turned on the stereo and took in the sounds of Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Genesis, Cat Stevens, Stevie wonder, Ella Fitsgerald, Frank Sinatra, Lucio Dalla and Mina.

"I remember music being my closest companion, it made every moment of my day magical. I still feel a deep connection to those albums". Emiliano started to play the drums at the relatively late age of 17. He sought out the best teachers in the area and he applied himself intensively, practising between ten and twelve hours a day.

Emiliano’s passion for the music of John Bonham, Stewart Copeland and prominent jazz drummers gave him a deeper understanding of the drum set tradition and allowed him to expand his musical knowledge considerably. He went on to discover Max Roach, Art Blackey and Elvin Jones. "I realised then that what really captured my attention was the African feel that those master drummers had."

He had the opportunity to experience the African influence for himself when he moved to Cuba to study Afro-Cuban percussion and drum set at the E.N.A. National School of Art in Havana from 1998-2001.

Emiliano moved back to Rome when he was 26 and continued his studies at the S.Luis College of Music and the Conservatory of Music of Frosinone. During this time he formed the band "Juju 4et" and recorded the album "tempi provvisori".

After collaborating with many musicians on the Italian jazz scene and after years of experience as a sideman, Emiliano moved to London in 2012. He played with several bands in various styles of music. His sensitive passionate approach to the drums soon made him an important figure on the London jazz scene.

His receptiveness to all styles of music, combined with a deep knowledge of the roots of jazz, the richness of his dynamics and his attention to interplay with other musicians make him one of the most in-demand drummers and percussionists in London today.

"Each style of music requires a different approach and the proper touch. A drummer must first master a style in order to play professionally. Big band, small jazz combo, Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, funk, pop, rock etc. Here in London I get to play in all kinds of different musical settings and apply what I have learned over the years. I would liken it to driving different vehicles, one day you could be driving a big truck, the next day, a racing car or a helicopter or a bicycle."

Emiliano Caroselli is currently involved in several projects and he works with a number of highly regarded artists across London and Europe.

Roberto Picerni
aka ‘Brass’, is a music producer and counts many different kinds of productions going from HIP/HOP, to LOUNGE and ACID JAZZ. He constantly cooperates with GBMUSIC as producer since 2004 when, thanks to a demo he sent, he met Giacomo Bondi and together they gave life to some of their best musical productions.

Roberto Picerni was born in Rome on September 17, 1978.

At the age of 9 he discovered his passion for music starting to play keyboards and slowly evolved this interest until, in 1996, he became part of a rock band called “Aedi” with which he performed in the best clubs of Rome, also taking part to many contests. After the band's split, Roberto started concentrating on the production and composition of instrumental songs going from hip hop to pop, to lounge and chillout.

Among his most important works, there is a series oflounge songs that were licensed in the USA to the music companies Sunswept Music and Water Music Records, then to an ambient music library for Fabrizio Marioni and an ethnic chillout music cd.

He also co-produced, together with Giacomo Bondi, albums for STLCAIR, LISA MARONI, Gabrielle Chiararo and the electro-acoustic project JAZZISTIC. Picerni also worked with the brazilian musician Evandro Reis and, lately, produced the entire album of the young rapper Luca, aka 'MR.O' (Mister O).

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