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Dimitris Papageorgiou

Dimitris Papageorgiou
is a full-time composer for Films, TV and media in general, a singer and songwriter, a studio producer and a session musician on many traditional instruments and guitars.

I was born in Greece and from my early years, I fell in love with nature and music. At the age of five I've managed to play by ear the rhythmic guitar part of "Susana" on my father's guitar and from the age of 5 until 9 I've studied music theory and classical guitar.

But my hunger for learning faster and playing free what I love, made me quit the conservatory and start my first band at the age of 10, writing my first songs too.

And that was the real beginning of my journey in music. I've worked for 28 years as a professional singer and musician, writing always my own music and songs.

Today, I live in the great island of Salamina in Greece, a place of huge history.

I compose music for film, TV and media in general, having produced over 50 albums from 2016, and more than 300 custom tracks so far.

I am so grateful for having numerous placements from Trailers, Films and Documentaries for BBC 1 & 4, NATGeo, Animal Planet, on great series like Criminal Minds-Beyond Borders, Booze Traveler, My Kitchen Rules, A place in the Sun, The Zoo and others to Netflix, Hulu series etc.

I have worked and wrote music for numerous music libraries like BMG, Universal, Beyond Music, Twisted Jukebox, Gothic Storm, Songs To Your Eyes, Vimusica Music, Flipper Music, Indiesonics, Music Sculptor, D.A Production Music, ARC Music, Klangidee Music, Earmotion, Absolute Music, Arms Music, American Music, Westar Music, Soundideas, Hollywood Trax, APL Publishing, The Swimming Pool, LiftMusic, Scout Music, Motion Focus Music, John Fulford Music, HDMUSIC Now, Epitome Music, Scorekeepers among others and I'm working non-stop, trying to expand and be better in what I do.

You'll find me either in my studio or on a high mountain, on a great beach on my island and always on the road, as I can't get enough of discovering my country and our amazing planet.

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