Renaud Garcia-Fons feat. Kiko Ruiz & Negrito Trasante

Biography Renaud Garcia-Fons feat. Kiko Ruiz & Negrito Trasante

Renaud Garcia-Fons
From the moment he held the instrument in his hands for the first time at age sixteen, the future of the double bass was destined for change. In a lightning bolt of insight, Renaud Garcia-Fons saw the possibility to explore all the musics that interested him – classical, jazz, Persian, Indian, Mediterranean, South American, forms from the world over. Driven by new ideas and born with the talent to translate them into compositions, he had to reinvent the way it was played. The result is an utterly new sound – an amalgam of double bass, cello, violin, guitar, lute, oud, and more – that exceeds any conventional idea of making music with the double bass.

“I am not particularly a fan of performance spectacles, but here we were facing a huge phenomenon. One even wondered who could surpass the bassist on the entire jazz planet! Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen? He is no longer of this world. Of course, today it's raining virtuoso bassists from everywhere. But soloists of this level? Innovators so impressive? As far as I know, Renaud Garcia-Fons strikes me as the most impressive in today's era. Do you have any other suggestions? I will accept the ballots.” - ALAIN BRUNET, LA PRESSE (MONTRÉAL)

“Without effects, how many distinctly different musical sounds can a good bass player get out of an upright bass? Likely not half as many as Renaud Garcia-Fons. As if through magical transformation, cello, viola, flamenco guitar, and hand drum spring forth from Renaud's French-made 5-string ...” - BILL LANPHIER, BASS PLAYER MAGAZINE

"The most common response from listeners hearing Renaud Garcia-Fons's CDs for the first time is: 'Who's the violinist?' The almost inevitable reaction to the news that there's no violinist – it's a double bass player bowing these unbelievably fluent, high-register solos – is: 'You must be joking.'" - ROB ADAMS, THE HERALD (GLASGOW, SCOTLAND)

“Not all virtuosos are created equal: some suffer under the weight of their talent, sacrificing melodies for stunning technique. But, as he proved with his stellar performance last night, Renaud Garcia-Fons possesses not only dazzling chops, but an unmatched musicality.” - JAKE SHENKER, THE GAZETTE (MONTRÉAL)

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