Biography Cro

German artist Cro is a true amalgamation of a variety of creative journeys: Art, Design, Entrepreneurship, Fashion, Film and many more. Above all of these disciplines however, stands his Music.

Music, Rap, or, actually, “Raop” – the unique musical style he coined with his debut album in 2012 by fusing together Rap and Pop – is the primary channel Cro has chosen to convey and relay his message to fans across the world – it is the key that unlocks the doors of contemplation, imagination, joy and inspiration in the hearts and minds of his listeners.

Sharing his dreams and thoughts in the form of lyrics, Cro has built a unique bond with his loyal fans. He is as easily identifiable as he is anonymous and mysterious due to the ever-present mask he wears everywhere he goes. But Cro is hardly defined by the mask – it is the Energy, Heart and Passion he pours into his work that continue to elevate Cro to the heights of the Music Industry.

Cro came out of the gate strong in 2011 when his first official single, "Easy," became a massive hit, making the Top Ten for eight weeks straight and accumulating a total of 30 million clicks on YouTube.

His official second album, Melodie, was mostly self-produced, albeit with help from Shuko and Freedo. Released in June of 2014, it was nearly as popular as Raop; an immediate number one hit in Germany, it also sold well in Austria and Switzerland, and continued to chart for nearly a year.

His latest Album tru. which has been released in September 2017 hit number one in Germany and is a real master piece when it comes to musical arrangements, showing his obsession and love for details and was an unexpectes strike against the mainstream in the german hip hop game including the platinum hit Unendlichkeit.

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