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David Helpling
As a young teen, David Helpling pushed himself to learn guitar – experimenting with various effects and signal processors to create illusions with sound. Together with his passion for synthesizers and percussion, this guitar sound became centric to a complete vision and musical style that expresses sonic moods with a definite soundtrack feel.

“Music is always in my head. That’s how I write. I’m always dreaming.”

David’s debut release, Between Green and Blue, was a finalist for the INDIE Album-Of-The-Year award. On his second release, Sleeping On The Edge Of The World, the artist took his unmistakable style and dense sound sculptures to a deeper, more powerful and cinematic level.

As an accomplished and highly sought after composer of music scores for film, David is continually honing his compositional skills. “Creating music for film and video projects is wonderful and rewarding…but it also has its limitations. I think the emotional writing and technical experience of scoring certainly gets me closer to the core of what is important in my own music.”

Working side by side with Jon Jenkins, David’s driven pursuit to create the music of his dreams was fully realized with the release of their trilogy of albums Treasure, The Crossing, and Found. This beloved trilogy earned the duo an unprecedented five Zone Music Awards, and the enduring international success of these collaborative albums proves that the combination of these two artists is explosive and limitless.

Helpling and Jenkins are fearless in their pursuit of the lush and monumental sound that dominates their artistic vision, and their work together contains all the essentials for an epic musical journey: compelling and expansive multi-layered drum elements contrasted by alluring yet elusive textures, strong melodies appearing over powerful percussion, synths and guitars, all of which give way to vast spaces of deep and mystifying ambience.

In 2022 David revealed his double album “IN” that returns to his multi-instrumental style for the first time since Sleeping On the Edge Of The World. Crafted and built over several years, this rich release comes in at almost 90 minutes. The music explodes with the power of subsonic drums, pulsing synthesizers and searing new complex textures as clear phrasing reveals an unforgettable sound. “IN” is a personal and timeless work crafted over expansive time that seems to build and flow in dreams and thunder with each listen.

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