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Dina Yoffe

Dina Yoffe
Top prize-winner at the R.Schumann international competition in Germany and prestigious F.Chopin Competition in Warsaw, Poland. Participant at international music festivals in Europe, Japan, U.S.A. Honorary member of Japan Piano Teachers Association, Artistic director of Festival and Master Classes "Musicalsummer in Malaga",Spain.

Originally from Riga(Latvia), Dina Yoffe started her musical education at the distinguished Emil Darzin's Special School of Music in her hometown, and continued at The Central Music School in Moscow. Graduated from the Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Music in Moscow, under the tutelage of Professor Vera Gornostayeva, one of the most important proponents of the legendary Heinrich Neuhaus school.

"...A sovereign master of her art Dina Yoffe dringt immer bis zum inneren einer Komposition vor,nie wirkt etwas unnaturlich. Eroica-Variation erschien in einem neuen Licht mit unvergleichlicher Tonschöncheit und fantastischem Farbenreichtum vorangesponnen. (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

"...Her playing flowed beautifully, and avoided even the slightest hint of sentimentality. Hers was a strongly felt authentic Chopin. Maestro Zubin Mehta collaborated marvellously as a perfect accompanist." (B.Bar-Ami,Jerusalem Post)

"...it is not only finished skill of master that characterizes her rendition but first of all the striking poetry of her soul that is in full swing.(..)at desert of modern art her playing resembles a life - giving spring which restores the lost harmony of our world." (Ongaku no Tomo,Tokyo Simbun, Japan)

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