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Patrizia Capizzi
Since 1998, Patrizia Capizzi dedicated herself to african music and culture. Her first musical experiences were in gospel and spiritual music.

She created and managed musical projects and laboratories dedicated to the merging of different cultures like "Songlines", "All'ombra del Baobab" and "AfricanSoul".

During her Foreign Languages and Literatures studies, she had theatre classes (Francesca Vaccaro), afro dance courses and capoeira lessons (Zumbì), she also took part to flamenco classes (Deborah Brancato). Going from 2008 to 2011, Patrizia started some laboratories about afro-american music and vocal style (Cheryl Porter), percussions and popular music (Davide Campisi and Mario Incudine), african percussions (Cristian Spallino and Vincenzo Cilia), jazz improvisation (Barry Harris).

In 2008 she gave birth to “Long Walk To Freedom”, an interesting project about afro music and its origins compared to the sicilian popular music traditions...the band was formed by a vocal ensemble with percussions singing about slavery and freedom.

Since 2011, she started studying brazilian music and culture (singing, guitar, percussions) thanks to Vincenzo Palermo and his Escola de Samba Fala Brasil (Palermo). Singer, percussionist and guitarist in different projects, all totally dedicated to the brazilian popular music, Patrizia had the chance to perform together with some amazing italian musicians like Michele Territo, Pino Delfino, Angelo Cultreri, Antonio Alaimo, Luca Scorziello, Angelo di Marco.

In 2012-13, che collaborates with the italian singer and percussionist Manola Micalizzi in the project "Italia Brasil A/R".

In the same years, the Black Coffee project comes to life thanks to the collaborations with the bassist Massimiliano Amico. In 2014, the duo records its first self-released album titles "Punto d'Incontro" (“Samba e Amor” - english version).

At the same time, Patrizia Capizzi takes part, as singer, to another jazz-bossa album by the italian song writer Ninni Marraffa, entitled “Malura”, together with Riccardo Lo Bue, Sergio Munafò and some percussionists from the Escola de Samba Fala Brasil.

In 2014, at Fonoprint in Bologna (Italy), she takes part to the brazilian composer Christianne Neves's project, “Andata e Ritorno”: an album dedicated to italian popular music to which took part also other important musicians like Fernanda Porto, Roberto Costa, Felice Reggio, Susanna Stivali, Bungaro, Greta Panettieri, Ivete Souza, Tony Canto, In 2015, with the guitarist Alessandro Schittone, she records a new bossa nova album (“Djavanear”), dedicated to jazz-samba influences and represents, at the same time, a tribute to one of her favorite composers, Djavan.

Massimiliano Amico
took part to many important italian musical events, such as Etna Blues and Alcamo Blues Festival, as bassist.

He had the honour to open Chris Cain's concert playing with the blues and reggae singer Dilu Scheol Miller and, currently, is part of some popular blues bands like the Blue Valentine Duo featuring Angelo Pino at the guitar, and the swing band 'SVerinais.

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