Sounds Between Falling Leaves Lisette Spinnler

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Label: Neuklang

Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Mainstream Jazz

Artist: Lisette Spinnler

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FLAC 96 $ 13.50
  • 1Silent Dream07:48
  • 2The Night Is Darkening Around Me07:00
  • 3Dancing Boy04:18
  • 4The Sun Has Set07:52
  • 5Afro Blue05:53
  • 6Echo of a Silent Dream00:46
  • 7At Dusk04:56
  • Total Runtime38:33

Info for Sounds Between Falling Leaves

The falling leaves of autumn, where winds, unleashed over the mead, blow trees barer and barer, carry leaves through the air, eddies on the ground and it becomes silent... Sounds between falling leaves are, for the most part, elegiac, modal songs in simple harmonies whose motions are gentle and soft and more inwardly directed. In nuances and subtlest vibrations, a massive force is unfolded from a delicate, virtuosic play for tranquillity and slow flow. Lisette Spinnler's songs are dialogues with nature, which have lived in and touched her soul since childhood. Her songs, the airy vocals, shimmering and shadowy, tinted and elaborately formed, are natural and do not seek to be an event. However, they are an event, provided that we listen.

It is the most sensual and, in its own way, most introverted album from the vocalist thus far with songs all written by her, except Afro Blue. It is characteristic that she has also cast two of Emily Bronte's poems in music for the album: The British poet (1818-1848), who wrote under her pseudonym Ellis Bell and during whose lifetime only one novel (Wuthering Heights, 1847) and one single book of poetry (Poems, 1846, with her sisters Anne and Charlotte Bronte) were published, sang odes to fantasy worlds and nature in her lyrics and was an enthusiastic animal lover. Lisette, who occasionally goes into her own spontaneous fantasy language on stage, appears to be her soulmate.

Sounds between falling leaves is also the first album with the current lineup and Lisette was well advised to always provide her first-class rhythm section with the necessary leeway. Piano, bass and drums reveal a signature, very much at home in the contemporary, in which the collective sound is brought to the fore instead of brilliant solos. As a result, the vocals automatically gain emphasis and meaning, which, wherever it is present, becomes the focal point. The quartet has been working in this fixed lineup for four years: Stefan Aeby piano, bassist Patrice Moret and Michi Stulz on drums; all fantastic musicians with excellent techniques, intelligent minds and a most sensitive interplay. They get to the heart of Lisette's songs and present them at their best. The room for improvisation, which is indicative of the compositions, is utilized and developed collectively in advance, even if here and there a prominent dialogue or an individual instrument is given centre stage. Lisette and her musicians are extremely compact on the entire album. The songs and their nature are kept in their own dynamic balance; between the falling leaves.

Lisette Spinnler, vocals
Stefan Aeby, piano
Patrice Moret, bass
Michi Stulz, drums, shaker

Lisette Spinnler
Geboren 1976, aufgewachsen in Wittinsburg, lebt in Liestal. Mit zehn Jahren Klavier- ,mit siebzehn Gesangsunterricht. Jazzgesangsstudium an der Musikhochschule Basel (Sandy Patton und Susanne Abbuehl). 1999 Stipendium der Friedl Wald Stiftung als erste Auszeichnung (Jurymitglied George Gruntz), erste eigene Band. 2001 Gewinnerin des Chrysler Jazz Awards am Montreux Jazzfestival (Jurymitglied Thierry Lang/Peter Schmidlin). 2003 Final-Nominierung des Lisette Spinnler Quartett ZKB Moods Zürich. Nomination für Suisse Diagonales Jazz. 2004 Kantonalbankpreis der Jubiläumsstiftung der Basellandschaftlichen Kantonalbank. 2005 Gründung Quintett Siawaloma mit Colin Vallon, Patrice Moret, Alex Hendriksen und Michi Stulz. 2006 Hauptfach Dozentin an der Musikhochschule Basel, Jazzcampus Basel. 2010 Gründung Duo Stiefel-Spinnler, singender Flügel-beflügelter Gesang. 2014 Wiederaufnahme Siawaloma als Lisette Spinnler Quartett mit Stefan Aeby, Patrice Moret, Michi Stulz. 2016 Spartenpreis Musik des Kantons Baselland. Zahlreiche Tourneen und Konzerte im In-und Ausland, u.a. mit dem European Jazz Youth Orchestra, Cojazz, Braff-Oester-Rohrer, Theodosii Spassov, Domenic Landolf, Adrian Mears (Requiem Op. 48, der Berner Totentanz) Jorge Rossy, Bänz Oester, Gastsängerin Manu Katché, Christoph Stiefel, Jean-Paul Brodbeck, Fabian Gisler, Guillermo Klein, Gregor Hilbe, Norbert Pfammatter, Tobias Backhaus, Henning Sieverts ...

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