J'accuse (Bande originale du film) Alexandre Desplat

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Label: Warner Classics

Genre: Soundtrack

Subgenre: Film

Artist: Alexandre Desplat

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  • 1Desplat: J'accuse06:23
  • 2Desplat: Contre-enquête02:01
  • 3Desplat: Alfred Dreyfus05:43
  • 4Desplat: Le petit bleu04:39
  • 5Desplat: Dossier secret02:44
  • 6Desplat: L'Attentat01:24
  • 7Fauré: Quatuor avec piano No. 2, Op. 45: I. Allegro molto moderato11:06
  • 8Desplat: Machination02:17
  • 9Desplat: L'île du diable02:44
  • 10Fauré: Quatuor avec piano No. 2, Op. 45: IV. Finale: Allegro molto09:02
  • 11Desplat: Réhabilitation05:11
  • 12Desplat: Surveillance04:40
  • Total Runtime57:54

Info for J'accuse (Bande originale du film)

The music composed by Alexandre Desplat: Roman Polanski's dramatization of the Dreyfus affair is a grandly mounted film that still feels lacking, maybe because Polanski thinks it's about him.

I don’t separate the man from the art.” So said Lucrecia Martel, the Argentine filmmaker and president of this year’s Venice Film Festival jury, when asked at a press conference about “J’Accuse (An Officer and a Spy),” the new Roman Polanski film. Martel said she wouldn’t attend a gala dinner in honor of the movie, but staunchly defended the Venice Film Festival’s decision to program it. Nevertheless, what she articulated touched a nerve. In general, I tend to be a die-hard believer in separating the man from the art. But Roman Polanski has made it all but impossible to do so with “An Officer and a Spy.”

The movie, adapted from a 2013 historical novel by Robert Harris, who co-wrote the script with Polanski (as he did on “The Ghost Writer,” also adapted from a Harris novel), is a lavishly scaled, grandly mounted, rigorously true-to-the-facts dramatization of the Dreyfus affair — the fabled and scandalous case, starting in 1894, of the French Jewish artillery officer Alfred Dreyfus, who was convicted of treason in a secret court martial and sentenced to life imprisonment on Devil’s Island. ...

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