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  • 1Broken03:34
  • 2Pattern in Heritage06:36
  • 3Outside Selfland04:10
  • 4Ritual03:14
  • 5Kristiansand04:41
  • 6I Came from Far Away04:23
  • 7Tired but Not Lost03:25
  • 8Greetings to Istanbul04:21
  • 9A New Beginning04:44
  • Total Runtime39:08

Info for Echoes of Becoming

Jazzland Recordings presents Canberk Ulaş's solo duduk album “Echoes of Becoming”, a captivating fusion of heritage and innovation. Prepare to be transported to a realm where ancient echoes meet contemporary expressions, and the boundaries of musical exploration are redefined.

Embark on an extraordinary musical odyssey with Sweden-based Turkish - Duduk player Canberk Ulaş as he unveils his highly anticipated solo album, a transcendent blend of ancient traditions, experimental nuances, and electronic enchantments. Released in February under the esteemed Jazzland Recordings label, this work is not merely an album; it is a narrative of Canberk's personal quest for authenticity, echoing through the haunting melodies of his duduk.

Traditional Echoes and Experimental Whispers: Canberk Ulaş weaves a tapestry of sound that seamlessly blends ancient Turkish, Anatolian, Armenian, and Ottoman musical heritages with a contemporary perspective. His unique style breathes life into the timeless melodies of the duduk, giving new roles to it, while embracing experimental, extended techniques, and tasteful electronic processing.

Featurings: This captivating album features the remarkable contributions of five musicians from Norway, seamlessly blending the expertise of legends and prominent artists such as Eivind Aarset, Jan Bang, Bugge Wesseltoft, and Arve Henriksen. Additionally, the album welcomes the enchanting vocals of Benedikte Kløw Askedalen, a new-generation vocalist whose unique voice adds a fresh and vibrant dimension to this masterpiece.

Bilingual Elegance: Notably, Benedikte Kløw Askedalen graces the album with her captivating vocals, singing half in Turkish and half in English. The lyrics, penned by Canberk Ulaş, tell a tale of resilience, a journey from darkness to the promise of a new life.

Diverse Worlds and Times: In the mesmerizing odyssey of "Echoes of Becoming," Canberk transcends his role as a duduk player, evolving into a storyteller who seamlessly connects diverse worlds through the universal language of music. With a nod to the wisdom of the past, Canberk brings a poignant message from Rilke, voiced in English by the soulful Irish musician Kieron Concannon. Additionally, the warm greetings of Clarissa P. Estés find expression in Turkish through Deniz Ulkat. This collaborative fusion unfolds as a captivating narrative, where the haunting echoes of Rilke's wisdom and the heartfelt messages of Estés resonate in harmony, transcending temporal and cultural boundaries.

Ulaş Explores the Duduk's Sonic Realm": Canberk sensitively pushes the boundaries of the duduk, exploring its melodic voice, and delving into its harmonic and rhythmic possibilities. In a unique approach, Canberk gives new roles to the duduk, treating it not only as a traditional melody instrument but also incorporating innovative techniques that transform it into a versatile instrument. His skillful use of loops, extended techniques, and digital effects elevate the instrument to new heights, creating a soundscape that is both ethereal and grounded in tradition.

The Artist's Journey: Canberk Ulaş's “Echoes of Becoming” is more than a musical endeavor; it is a personal odyssey towards authenticity. Each note serves as a chapter in his story, a testament to the transformative power of music and the pursuit of self-discovery. As he navigates the intricate balance between tradition and experimentation, Canberk invites listeners to join him on a contemplative journey of introspection and connection.

In the realm of Canberk Ulaş's music, authenticity is not just a destination; it's a journey, and the path is paved with the soul-stirring sounds of the duduk.

Canberk Ulaş, duduk, electronics, sansula, sampling, upright piano, keyboards
Arve Henriksen, trumpet (track 4)
Eivind Aarset, guitar (track 6)
Jan Bang, live sampling (track 6)
Benedikte Kløw Askedalen, vocals (track 5)
Bugge Wesseltoft, grand piano (track 8)
Kieron Concannon, spoken words (track 4)
Deniz Ulkat, sampled spoken words (track 7)

Canberk Ulaş
a musician with a deep respect for the intertwining narratives of different cultures. Born amidst the complexities of Armenian and Turkish relations, I am a Turkish duduk player based in Sweden, passionately preserving the Armenian techniques.

In my artistic expression, I blend the heritages of Armenian, Ottoman, Turkish, and Anatolian traditions with a contemporary perspective, echoing the diverse essence of Istanbul. My pursuit of authenticity encompasses the exploration of extended techniques and the use of electronic treatments. These elements are integral to my journey, allowing me to push the boundaries of the duduk and explore new realms of sound and expression.

During my enriching time in Istanbul, while pursuing my studies in Turkish music at Istanbul Technical University, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to meet and learn from esteemed duduk masters Suren Asaduryan and Özcan Gül. Their guidance was instrumental in shaping my perspective on the duduk.

Furthering my education, I had my master’s degree at the University of Agder and the University of Gothenburg, I was honored to study under some of Scandinavia’s most distinguished musicians. Mentors like Jan Bang, Bugge Wesseltoft, Anders Jormin, and Arve Henriksen generously shared their expertise and insights, deeply enriching my musical identity and the way to be a solo artist and a curious collaborator.

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