Beautiful Ones: The Best of Suede 1992-2018 (Deluxe) Suede

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Label: Edsel

Genre: Pop

Subgenre: Britpop

Artist: Suede

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  • 1The Drowners04:11
  • 2Metal Mickey03:30
  • 3Animal Nitrate03:27
  • 4So Young03:39
  • 5Stay Together (Long Version)07:23
  • 6We Are the Pigs04:22
  • 7The Wild Ones04:46
  • 8New Generation04:37
  • 9Trash04:07
  • 10Filmstar03:25
  • 11Lazy03:18
  • 12Beautiful Ones03:51
  • 13Saturday Night04:31
  • 14Electricity04:38
  • 15She's in Fashion04:52
  • 16Everything Will Flow04:40
  • 17Can't Get Enough03:59
  • 18Obsessions04:11
  • 19Barriers03:44
  • 20It Starts and Ends with You03:52
  • 21For the Strangers04:12
  • 22Outsiders03:53
  • 23Wastelands05:31
  • 24Life Is Golden03:56
  • 25The Invisibles04:09
  • 26To the Birds05:24
  • 27My Insatiable One02:59
  • 28He's Dead05:14
  • 29The Big Time04:28
  • 30Pantomime Horse05:49
  • 31Sleeping Pills03:50
  • 32The Next Life03:28
  • 33High Rising05:51
  • 34My Dark Star04:24
  • 35The Living Dead02:49
  • 36Killing of a Flashboy04:07
  • 37Heroine03:20
  • 38This Hollywood Life03:49
  • 39The 2 of Us05:46
  • 40The Asphalt World09:25
  • 41Still Life05:19
  • 42Europe Is Our Playground (Sci-Fi Lullabies Version)05:37
  • 43She03:39
  • 44By the Sea04:18
  • 45He's Gone05:34
  • 46Indian Strings04:21
  • 47Oceans04:05
  • 48Snowblind04:04
  • 49Sabotage03:46
  • 50Sometimes I Feel I'll Float Away04:13
  • 51Pale Snow02:42
  • 52I Don't Know How to Reach You06:14
  • 53Tightrope03:53
  • 54As One04:09
  • 55All the Wild Places03:14
  • 56Flytipping06:40
  • Total Runtime04:09:15

Info for Beautiful Ones: The Best of Suede 1992-2018 (Deluxe)

The original era (1993 to 2002) saw the band issue five albums including their Mercury music prize-winning self-titled debut (1993), the even better follow-up Dog Man Star (1994) and then after the departure of guitarist and songwriter Bernard Butler, three further albums including the hit-packed Coming Up (1996). The 2003 collection Singles summarised this period and included a couple of non album tracks, including the single ‘Attitude’.

Since reforming in 2010, the band have issued three further albums with Night Thoughts (2016) and The Blue Hour (2018), in particular, scaling the artistic heights once more.

This new Beautiful Ones compilation has been compiled by the band, and features hits (‘Animal Nitrate’, ‘Stay Together’, ‘Trash’) , favourite B-sides (‘To The Birds’, ‘My Insatiable One’, ‘Killing Of A Flashboy’) and classic album tracks (‘The Asphalt World’, ‘He’s Gone’). It obviously brings things up to date by including tracks from the last three records, including ‘Life is Golden’, ‘It Starts And Ends With You’ and ‘Outsiders’.


Digitally remastered

are an English alternative rock band, formed in London in 1989 and currently consists of singer Brett Anderson, guitarist Richard Oakes, bass player Mat Osman, drummer Simon Gilbert and keyboardist/rhythm guitarist Neil Codling. Having split up in 2003, the Coming Up/Head Music line-up of the band reformed in 2010. The band's original guitarist Bernard Butler left the band in 1994.

In 1992, Suede were described as "The Best New Band in Britain“, and attracted much attention from the British music press. The following year their debut album Suede, went to the top of the charts by becoming the fastest-selling debut album in almost ten years. It won the Mercury Music Prize and helped foster Britpop as a musical genre. However, the band's follow-up, Dog Man Star (1994), showed Suede distancing themselves from their Britpop peers. The recording sessions for Dog Man Star were fraught with difficulty, and ended with Butler departing the band after confrontations with the rest of the band. The album was completed without Butler, with the band touring the album with new recruit Richard Oakes. Although a commercial disappointment at the time, the album was met with a generally enthusiastic reception on release and has, over time been lauded with universal acclaim from critics.

In 1996, following the further recruitment of keyboard player Neil Codling along with Oakes, Suede went on to greater commercial success with Coming Up. The album reached number one in the UK, producing five top ten singles and becoming Suede's biggest-selling album worldwide. In 1997, Anderson became addicted to crack and heroin. Despite problems within the band, Suede's fourth album Head Music (1999) was a British chart-topper. The album was promoted heavily with the band receiving considerable press coverage on its release, however it garnered a mixed reaction dividing fans and critics alike. Codling left the band in 2001, citing chronic fatigue syndrome and was replaced by Alex Lee. The band's fifth album, A New Morning (2002), the first following the collapse of Nude Records, was a commercial disappointment, and the group disbanded the following year. After much speculation Suede reformed in 2010 for a series of concerts. Three years on from their reunion gigs, Suede released their sixth album, Bloodsports, on 18 March 2013. The album was well received by critics and returned the band to the top ten in the UK.

This album contains no booklet.

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