Demons & Wizards 2019 (Remastered) Demons & Wizards

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Label: Century Media

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Metal

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  • 1Rites of Passage (Remaster 2019)00:54
  • 2Heaven Denies (Remaster 2019)05:20
  • 3Poor Man's Crusade (Remaster 2019)04:02
  • 4Fiddler on the Green (Remaster 2019)05:56
  • 5Blood on My Hands (Remaster 2019)04:45
  • 6Path of Glory (Remaster 2019)04:59
  • 7Winter of Souls (Remaster 2019)05:47
  • 8The Whistler (Remaster 2019)05:15
  • 9Tear Down the Wall (Remaster 2019)04:48
  • 10Gallows Pole (Remaster 2019)05:22
  • 11My Last Sunrise (Remaster 2019)04:43
  • 12Chant (Remaster 2019)00:54
  • Total Runtime52:45

Info for Demons & Wizards 2019 (Remastered)

Iced Earth guitarist Jon Schaffer and Blind Guardian vocalist Hansi Kürsch (Blind Guardian) not only share common musical interests but they’ve also been close friends for over 20 years. In 1999 this resulted in a side project called Demons & Wizards and the following year the new partnership released their eponymous debut, effortlessly combining Iced Earth’s dark heavy metal with Blind Guardian’s power metal. Five years later the illustrious duo repeated this tour de force on ‘Touched by the Crimson King’ before a continued collaboration was shelved due to busy schedules. Then in 2018 rumours started flying that Jon and Hansi had found the time to focus on Demons & Wizards once more and start recording album number three.

Hansi Kürsch, vocals
Jon Schaffer, lead, rhythm, and bass
Guest musicians:
Jim Morris, additional lead guitars
Mark Prator, drums

Digitally remastered

Demon & Wizards
is a power metal band that was conceived as a side project of the metal bands Blind Guardian and Iced Earth. It is made up of the vocalist for Blind Guardian, Hansi Kursch, and the guitarist of Iced Earth, Jon Schaffer. Schaffer writes the music and Kürsch writes the lyrics. The band's line-up during the recording of their first album in 1999 also featured Mark Prator, who was the drummer on a few Iced Earth albums, and Jim Morris doing most of the guitar solos, Morris also having worked with Iced Earth in the past.

The original goal of the band was to forge the different musical styles of both Iced Earth's dark melodies and Blind Guardian's powerful vocals into one sound. In fact, according to the musicians, the band name is meant to describe the two styles: the self-proclaimed demon-like themes and sounds of Iced Earth and wizard-like themes and sounds of Blind Guardian (the moniker "Demons & Wizards" was inspired by Schaffer's wife always referring to him and Hansi as "Demons and Angels". Hansi always corrected her, since he claims to "not be at all angelic", and that it is more properly stated "Demons and Wizards", in reference to Uriah Heep's album of the same name). The band met with a fair deal of commercial success, though not as much as either of their individual bands.

The idea for the band arose in the spring of 1997 when Kürsch and Schaffer wanted to make music together, after being friends for several years.

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