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  • 1A Tribute To Keith Jarrett - Part I02:59
  • 2A Tribute To Keith Jarrett - Part II09:54
  • 3A Tribute To Keith Jarrett - Part III05:36
  • 4Impressionen mit dem Hang06:10
  • 5Heimat07:37
  • 6My Personal Blues10:03
  • Total Runtime42:19

Info for Live at Bauer Studio

Together with the percussionist Stephan Jung, pianist Martin Vatter played a rousing studio concert at the renowned Bauer Studio, which was recorded in an impressive high end quality without any compressors or limiters by Philipp Heck, the well-known sound engineer at Bauer Studios. The audiophile mastering was carried out by MBL chief developer Jürgen Reis.

An excellent dynamic value of 16dB (DR16) was reached. Only very few audiophile recordings can achieve such a fantastic 'exception value'!

The sound image that was created sounds analog, airy, rich in detail and extremely transparent, thus satisfying even the highest expectations. An absolutely impressive audiophile high end recording that you will be thrilled about.


Martin Vatter, piano
Stephan Jung, percussion

Martin Vatter
Discover piano music that touches your soul ...

Pianist Martin Vatter has developed the ability of merging his soul with that of his instrument. So it is no wonder that his music reflects both his passion for the piano and his highly individualistic nature. His entire personality is directly translated into an espressive, powerful, as well as sensitive and sensual style of playing. The elements of his music are just as diversified as the broad spectrum of the soul. A music that is not easy to classify, yet: The carisma or his passion can hardly elude the listeners, who will know that they are hearing something very special.

Martin Vatter comes from a musical family. His mother is an organist, his father plays the violin. He received his first piano lessons at the age of nine and played exclusively works by classical composers. He gets the decisive inspiration in 1985 from "The Köln Concert" by Keith Jarrett. In the following years Martin Vatter consistently develops, refines and perfects his musical "signature" on the piano until today.

Since 1994, the pianist has released numerous CD productions, which have received many awards from the specialist press. He has received portraits on radio and television. His compositions are stylistically located between Keith Jarrett, Tord Gustavsen and Ludovico Einaudi, but also contain many classical elements and thus do not fit into any genre pigeonhole.

Martin Vatter about his music: "I believe, that music from the innermost heart can only be a fusion of all that you have experienced and lived ..."

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