Minutes to Midnight (Remastered Deluxe Edition) Linkin Park

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Label: Warner Records

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Adult Alternative

Artist: Linkin Park

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  • 1Wake01:40
  • 2Given Up03:09
  • 3Leave Out All The Rest03:29
  • 4Bleed It Out02:44
  • 5Shadow of the Day04:49
  • 6What I've Done03:25
  • 7Hands Held High03:53
  • 8No More Sorrow03:41
  • 9Valentine's Day03:16
  • 10In Between03:16
  • 11In Pieces03:37
  • 12The Little Things Give You Away06:23
  • 13No Roads Left03:48
  • 14Across the Line03:11
  • Total Runtime50:21

Info for Minutes to Midnight (Remastered Deluxe Edition)

Alterna-Rock band's 2007 album. 'Rick Rubin asked US what we wanted this album to sound like. We wanted to create something that maintained the integrity of the band's personality, but pushed our boundaries. Rick challenged US that no boundaries should exist whatsoever in our creative pursuit.' Minutes to Midnight is rock's most anticipated album of the year. Four years since the release of Linkin Park's quadruple-platinum, #1 smash Meteora and after more than a year of musical experimentation Minutes to Midnight redefines one of today's most adventurous, accomplished and acclaimed bands.

When it took Linkin Park over 4 years to release the follow-up to 2003’s Meteora, there were plenty of questions surrounding it, to be sure. Would the band follow the coattails of many of their nu-metal era peers and release a similar album? Would Linkin Park shift gears completely and streamline their sound to a more mainstream audience? Those questions were answered on May 14th, 2007, when Linkin Park released Minutes To Midnight.

Of course, MtM was definitely a polarizing LP record. Gone were much of Mike Shinoda’s vocal contributions, at least compared to the band’s first two albums. In its place was a more streamlined alt-rock sound, as evidenced on the anthemic first single, “What I’ve Done”. MtM was also a slightly more experimental record in that, especially towards the back half of the album, more electronically-driven songs like “In Between” and “In Pieces” were the rule, not the exception.

Certainly, there’s still some familiarity and highlights here. The proper opening track “Given Up”, features one of Chester Bennington’s most impassioned and vitriolic vocals to date, with its refrain of “put me out of my fucking misery” hitting close to home for many. Meanwhile, singles like “Bleed It Out” showed off much-needed Mike Shinoda sightings, and the emotional “Shadow Of The Day” has LP channeling U2 at their peak.

That being said, MtM is an important Linkin Park album because it does show off some of the ambition later found on its 2010 follow-up, A Thousand Suns. Specifically, the 6+ minute closer “The Little Things Give You Away”, which references Hurricane Katrina and the failure of FEMA to supply aid and response to the victims of that terrible natural disaster. There’s even a guitar solo from Brad Delson that appears for the first time, and it’s arguably the best closing track LP has ever written.

While it’s definitely not among their best-loved records, it’s hard to call MtM a serious failure. While it was less well-received and sold less than Meteora and Hybrid Theory, it still cemented LP as a band that was not going to fade away, and also showed off their ambition that would come later. For those traits, it’s still a record worth going back to.

Linkin Park

Digitally remastered

All mixed up in a creative furnace Linkin Park - Hip-hop old school, traditional classic rock, and electronic vibration. And born of this alloy California team playing nu metal, and at first called themselves Xero.

It was in 1996, everything began with four school friends who were going to and played music for his pleasure after school. For vocalist Mike Shinoda (Mike Shinoda) (19), drummer Rob Bourdon (Rob Bourdon) (17 years), guitarist Brad Delsonu (Brad Delson) (19) and DJ Joseph Hahn (DJ Joseph Hahn) (age 19) shortly joined by lead vocalist Chester Bennington (Chester Bennington), with which the crew was staffed and ready to sail. It remains to decide the title. Rejected Xero, the four decided to become Hybrid Theory. Due to the large concert activity and spectacular show at the club "Whiskey", this name becomes known in Los Angeles. Not just anybody, but once Warner Brothers Records musicians to offer a contract. But because of legal discrepancies will soon have to abandon the Hybrid Theory. Title goes to a debut album, which the Quartet will soon begin recording in a Hollywood studio NRG Recordings, and the group itself becomes a Linkin Park (distorted Lincoln Park - on behalf of certain areas in Los Angeles).

Over the first album "Hybrid Theory" (released in October 2000.) Together with a group working Dust Brothers, John Hornbeck (Ian Hornbeck), Scott Koziol (Scott Koziol) and producer Don Gilmore (Don Gilmore) (in charge of the sound of Pearl Jam and Eve 6). Blast, an eclectic mix of styles - metal, hip-hop, industrial, pop - striking even in comparison with Korn and Limp Bizkit, the pioneers of such experiments. The single "One Step Closer" got mad airplay on the radio, so in November 2000, the album debuted in the American Top 20. By that time, decided to return to the bosom of the family had left was his fellow bass guitarist Phoenix, party early sessions.

The quintet became sextet, and around the band begins Uniforms Linkin'inomanii. The album "Hybrid Theory" reaches up to 5 lines of sales rankings, and the new single "In The End" is the second in the chart. Their first release brings the team and the first crop of awards, among which immediately turns Grammy. At the award ceremony in 2002 the song "Crawling" won top musical trophy in the category "best performance in the genre of hard rock".

Major music publications of the world reacted to the emergence of "Hybrid Theory" honeyed reviews. English monthly "Q Magazine" included the album in the list of "100 greatest albums of all time. "Absolutely incredible debut" - wrote the columnist "Melody Maker". The Group does not know the all-clear from the concert invitations, toured half the world, not bypassing the leading American and European rock festivals, including the most ambitious of the hardest rides - Ozzfest. The game is worth the candle - the general circulation of the album to date has passed for 15 million.

In early January 2002 the band issued a long awaited collection of videos in VHS and DVD. Six of video cassette Linkin Park, and the DVD also includes interviews, a selection of live shots and two live tracks. And at the end of the month they go to great American Projekt Revolution Tour, which collect the Cypress Hill and nu-metal band Adema.

In July 2002, Linkin Park once again drew attention to his already hot release and released CD "Reanimation", a collection of remixes of tracks by "Hybrid Theory". Mike Shinoda invited for "remiksatsii" the best hip-hop producers - Kutmasta Kurt, Alchemist, Cheapshot, X-ecutioners, Evidence and Jewbacca. Among the vocalists were noted Jonathan Davis (Jonathan Davis; frontman of Korn), Aaron Lewis (Aaron Lewis; Staind), indie-rappers Aceyalone, Rasco, Planet Asia, and Chali 2na. As a B-side tracks have also been issued, could not get to "Hybrid Theory".

In late 2002, it is time to work on something new. Noven'ke not long in coming and already in March 2003, fans got a new album by Linkin Park. The second full-length album, titled Linkin Park "Meteora". His appearance in the world he is obliged to the many unforgettable experiences, which gave the group two years of almost continuous touring. Musicians still talk with admiration of the famous Greek monastery, built by fugitive Christian monks on the tops of pinnacle. "The name" Meteora "probably has to do with music, and reflects the grandeur and beauty of these magnificent monuments that have become for us an invaluable source of inspiration", - said Brad Delson.

In support of the release group held an extensive summer tour, having engaged in a super-tour «Summer Sanitarium Tour», where she performed in obnoy holder with Metallica and Limp Bizkit.

The principle of "all new - it is well forgotten old" as applied to music today can be modified. Everything is new - it is not necessarily well-forgotten, but certainly good mix of old. Properly mixing the ingredients, you can create even a bomb. What we are witnessing the example =) (Source: Linkin Park)

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