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Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Contemporary Jazz

Artist: Hiroshi Fukamizu

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  • 1Volcano03:14
  • 2Smokey04:12
  • 3Resonance05:56
  • 4Kegon04:12
  • 5Lulaby04:43
  • 6Melliin04:12
  • 7Magic Hand04:05
  • 8Boshita02:46
  • 9Brushing Bluse04:08
  • 10One for Elvin00:00
  • Total Runtime37:28

Info for Everything for Drums

The Drums Solo World: Firstly, I am grateful to Mr. Sawaguchi of UNAMAS label for giving me the opportunity to release an album of drum solo that is quite exceptional. I received this offer in late May, 2011, and immediately understood that the project would not be an easy task since the drum solo recording is really seldom heard of anywhere in the world. In fact, for two months until the recording, the days in my mind was the continued struggle. On the other hand, I had some new discoveries such as the opportunity to precisely deal with each of my cymbals one by one as I reviewed a piece of music for cymbals to find their colorful expressions that I had never considered.

Another new attempt was to use two bass drums in different sizes. This recording represents the acoustic sound of drums with true fidelity, and it is my ultimate wish that listeners are inspired through this album that the drum set is not an instrument merely to slice the beat but to play music wonderfully.

Hiroshi Fukamizu, drums

Behind the recording of "Everything for Drums“: The drums have no scale unlike other instruments, which is the fundamental limitation in playing melodies. In case of jazz music, their role is normally to excite the front line by managing the rhythms and also they are featured as the solo among the alternating solo sections in the performance. If we look into this instrument more precisely, it ranges widely to cover high frequencies by the cymbals and the high hat, than going lower with the snare, the tam, the floor tam, and further down deep to the kick drum. The playing technique is versatile with the attacks by sticks, brushes, mallets, or even using hands to enable variety of expressions. There is the album titled "Percussion" in the contemporary music, but I have not seen any jazz album that featured solely the drum solo in the entire CD throughout in recent yean.

At UNAMAS-JAZZ we promoted a project to capture such varietal expressions of drums in 192kHz 24blts surround sound, and this mission was entrusted in the hands of Mr. Hiroshi Fukamizu who already had a CD album with us as UNAMAS-JAZZ Vol. 3. (Mick Sawaguchi)

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