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Genre: Pop

Subgenre: Pop Rock

Artist: COMA

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FLAC 44.1 $ 11.00
  • 1Hideout04:06
  • 2Disconnected03:31
  • 3Beyond You and Me04:02
  • 4Sober03:37
  • 5NFS02:29
  • 6Hard to Find03:42
  • 7The Same04:13
  • 8Transmission Failure04:20
  • 9Start/Stop/Rewind04:09
  • 10Space05:01
  • 11Surrender03:50
  • Total Runtime43:00

Info for Fuzzy Fantasy

As the world becomes more challenging, COMA opens their arms in a welcoming embrace.

COMA's melody-rich innovations between indie and electronica have always been incredibly accessible, never shying away from hooks or emotions, and with each album, they expand the scope of what club music can be. In that respect, 'FUZZY FANTASY' is the next logical step–away from the dance floor, closer to life.

COMA's melodic innovations between indie and electronica have always been incredibly accessible, sparing neither hooks nor emotions, and expanding the scope of what club music can be from album to album. In this respect, the new album 'FUZZY FANTASY' (their 2nd album on City Slang) is the next logical step - away from the dancefloor, closer to life. The Cologne-based duo COMA has firmly established themselves as a household name at the intersection of Indie Pop and Electronic Music. While embracing the incorporation of warmer Pop elements, COMA remains loyal to their artistic essence: meticulously crafted electronic music that has the ability to evoke both joy and melancholy simultaneously.

Tracks like 'Space', 'Hideout', and 'Start/Stop/Rewind' catapult COMA into the musical vicinity of the Pet Shop Boys, Hot Chip, and the more recent Depeche Mode. 'FUZZY FANTASY' is the result of an astonishing transformation, though in retrospect, not entirely surprising. (Joe Whirlypop)


As the initiators of a new wave of post-minimal dance music, Georg Conrad and Marius Bubat began their career as COMA in the late 00s, releasing a series of EPs on the renowned Kompakt label and Firm Records.

The early releases by the two indie-loving childhood friends struck a chord in the city of Cologne and its electrophile microcosm. COMA's sound, characterised by guitars and analogue synthesizers, exotic in a world of laptops and controllers, has already taken them to clubs on almost every continent. With their debut album "In Technicolor" in 2013, a panoramic view of the musical landscape between pop and club music, they once again brought their vision to the point.

Since 2008, COMA have been working in their own recording studio in Cologne, which also regularly serves as a shared creative home for artist friends such as Dillon, Mit, Roosevelt, Ada and Vimes. With their latest album "This Side of Paradise", COMA once again position themselves as border crossers between atmospheric pop and electronic dance music; organic sound and cool techno. Now travelling in a band formation with drums, COMA can be seen at numerous festivals in Europe this summer.

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