Good Good Things Blundetto

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Label: Heavenly Sweetness

Genre: World Music

Subgenre: Worldbeat

Artist: Blundetto

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  • 1Menina Mulher da Pele Preta02:46
  • 2Feel the Cold03:36
  • 3Bingi03:27
  • 4Barcelona03:15
  • 5Sunday in the Club03:29
  • 6Canasta03:18
  • 7Paseo04:18
  • 8Fly High03:10
  • 9País Azucar03:56
  • 10Tengo Fe03:10
  • 11Mo'Dinero02:53
  • 12Atras Desse Ceù03:32
  • 13Antiguas04:02
  • Total Runtime44:52

Info for Good Good Things

Ten years after his first album Bad Bad things, musician Max Guiguet aka Blundetto unveils his second album Good Good Things on Heavenly sweetness. The circle of intimates already present on the first album (Blundetto, Hindi Zahra, General Electric, Chico Mann) has expanded to include regular accomplices (Biga Ranx) and artists with whom Blundetto felt an obvious connection (Crime Apple, Leonardo Marques) for this second opus.

Guided by this roadmap written by Blundetto, all of them have succeeded one another to put their colours and spread their musical soul for a few minutes. Take the direction of Brazil, Africa or Latin America, get dizzy in the Jamaican fumes, get chipped on the salient angles of hip hop. As a conductor, Blundetto builds a beautiful musical mosaic through this album.

"But for me reggae is the soul. It's a Jamaican soul, that's all. Besides, reggae, originally, in the 60s and 70s, it was only covers of soul standards taken over in Jamaican style. I'm not connected to Rastafarianism or green-yellow-red. I feel more concerned with major universal themes: what touches me is when these voices sing the love, heartache, that sort of thing ... It's the common thread of all these pieces: its soul", Blundetto explained his love to reggae and biggest inspiration.


As well as being a programme planner on Radio Nova, where he does his best to give airtime to others’ music, Max Guiguet is also out on his own under the pseudonym Blundetto, up to his eyeballs in records, instruments and machines.

Having graduated in the space of two albums (Bad Bad Things in 2010 and Warm My Soul in 2012) from promising tinkerer to recognised artist, Blundetto hasn’t changed a thing about his way of working. He continues to work from the comfort of his home studio without the pressure of the clock counting down to the end of the session. He enjoys the luxury of laying down some guitar riffs before going to bed or recording drum beats first thing on a Sunday morning, if he so desires. Though that might jeopardise his diplomatic relations with his neighbours …

But Blundetto’s attachment to his studio cocoon doesn’t stand in the way of his eclectic musical tastes or his partiality to collaborating with other musicians. None of the guests who appear on World Of received any official written instructions, but Blundetto did remind them of the general rule that he wasn’t there to guide them through recording, nor give them any directives that might kill off their own identity. Each is his or her own man or woman in the studio, since it is the clash of styles that creates the alchemy. Rather than choosing options that meant crossing oceans or exchanging files without ever meeting, Blundetto decided to work with his local network of friends and regulars.

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