Baston Flemish and French Chansons Ratas del viejo Mundo

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Label: Ramée

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Chamber Music

Artist: Ratas del viejo Mundo

Composer: Josquin Baston (1515-1576)

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  • Josquin Baston (1515 – c. 1576): Een gilde heeft syn deerne:
  • 1Baston: Een gilde heeft syn deerne01:35
  • Languir me fais:
  • 2Baston: Languir me fais04:09
  • Dum transisset Sabbatum:
  • 3Baston: Dum transisset Sabbatum06:34
  • Si mon languir:
  • 4Baston: Si mon languir04:10
  • Toutes les nuyctz:
  • 5Baston: Toutes les nuyctz01:35
  • Spes mea Domine:
  • 6Baston: Spes mea Domine06:25
  • Verhuecht u nu:
  • 7Baston: Verhuecht u nu02:13
  • Een gilde jent reet laest naer Ghent:
  • 8Baston: Een gilde jent reet laest naer Ghent01:34
  • Doulce memoire:
  • 9Baston: Doulce memoire02:10
  • Johannes Lupi (1506 – 1539):
  • 10Lupi: Dueil double deuil03:26
  • Josquin Baston: Eheu dolor:
  • 11Baston: Eheu dolor08:12
  • Lecker Beetgen en Cleyn Bier:
  • 12Baston: Lecker Beetgen en Cleyn Bier01:46
  • Lyden en verdraghen:
  • 13Baston: Lyden en verdraghen02:20
  • Fors seullement:
  • 14Baston: Fors seullement02:04
  • Si loyal amour:
  • 15Baston: Si loyal amour02:54
  • Een meysken was vroech opgestaen:
  • 16Baston: Een meysken was vroech opgestaen01:54
  • Si pauper nihil offerat:
  • 17Baston: Si pauper nihil offerat02:25
  • Si tu te plains:
  • 18Baston: Si tu te plains02:39
  • Total Runtime58:05

Info for Baston Flemish and French Chansons

Most likely belonging to the fourth generation of Flemish polyphonists — that of such musicians as Adrian Willaert, Nicolas Gombert, Clemens non Papa and Cipriano de Rore — Josquin (or Johannes?) Baston was one of the many mysterious figures in sixteenth-century music history. Nothing is known about when and where he was born or died, and much uncertainty exists even about his first name. Many of his compositions appeared in printed anthologies alongside those of some of the most important musicians of the first half of the sixteenth century, such as Josquin Desprez and Orlande de Lassus. For the famous printers Tielman Susato and Pierre Phalèse to have included Baston’s works among those of such luminaries of Flemish Renaissance polyphony, they must have considered him to be an excellent composer. Whether Josquin Baston stayed in his native area, or whether he was the same person as the Joannes Baston who was active in Vienna, Poland, and Scandinavia, will remain an open question. This recording of chansons and motets by Josquin Baston explores the fascinating world of the mid-sixteenth-century Flemish style through the output of a very important though largely forgotten composer.

Ratas del viejo Mundo

Ratas del viejo Mundo
The rodents of the old world — Ratas del viejo Mundo — travel the length and breadth of Europe to form their very own rat pack, coming together around songs, polyphony and instrumental music composed before 1650. The ensemble was formed in 2017 under the enthusiastic leadership of lutenist Floris De Rycker. Ratas del viejo Mundo finds freedom within an exceptionally sensual musical idiom, comparing period instrumental arrangements with partbooks for the same music.

The instrumentalists’ choices of tonalities and chord inversions contribute to that freedom, as do other options: whether to repeat some passages and omit others, to let a flurry of diminutions flash through slow and stately movements, to vary the rhythm, add and even omit parts… Different printed versions of the same arrangement sometimes contradict each other, whilst the tradition of musica ficta is branded deeply into lute tablature. The initial outstanding quality of the composition, however, is always preserved. In addition to consulting early repertoire transmitted in print or manuscript, Ratas del Viejo Mundo also draws on a wealth of popular, folk, ethnic, or oral traditions in its performances and recordings.

Concerts have takent Ratas del viejo Mundo to prestigious podia in Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, the Czech Republic, Austria, Norway and the United States. The ensemble has been artist in residence at Festival of Flanders, Alba Nova and Næstved Early Music Festival.

A high profile collaboration with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Hans Op de Beeck entitled Vlaemsch is currently in preparation; an international tour will follow. Ratas del Viejo Mundo’s recordings have received worldwide airplay and acclaim: ´The realisation of ultimate beauty requires the most powerful artistic and technical impulse imaginable. It's definitely in good hands with Ratas del viejo Mundo. [OpusKlassiek].

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