Il Mestiere Della Vita Urban Vs Acoustic (Deluxe) Tiziano Ferro

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  • 1Epic02:55
  • 2"Solo" E' Solo Una Parola03:41
  • 3Il Mestiere Della Vita03:18
  • 4Valore Assoluto03:47
  • 5Il Conforto03:56
  • 6Lento/Veloce03:19
  • 7Troppo Bene (Per Stare Male)03:57
  • 8My Steelo03:39
  • 9Potremmo Ritornare03:31
  • 10Ora Perdona03:41
  • 11Casa E' Vuota03:29
  • 12La Tua Vita Intera03:27
  • 13Quasi Quasi03:44
  • 14Ora Perdona04:18
  • 15"Solo" E' Solo Una Parola03:40
  • 16La Tua Vita Intera03:23
  • 17Valore Assoluto03:48
  • 18Potremmo Ritornare03:28
  • 19Lento/Veloce03:21
  • 20Il Conforto03:48
  • 21Il Mestiere Della Vita03:23
  • 22Mi Sono Innamorato Di Te03:00
  • 23Valore Assoluto04:20
  • 24No Vacancy03:43
  • 25A Ti Te Cuido Yo (Lento/Veloz)03:35
  • Total Runtime01:30:11

Info for Il Mestiere Della Vita Urban Vs Acoustic (Deluxe)

Il mestiere della vita is the sixth studio album by Italian singer-songwriter Tiziano Ferro, released on 2 December 2016. Ferro has called it the beginning of the second chapter of his career, after the first chapter was concluded by the release of his first greatest hits album. The album sees Ferro return to a more modern and electronic style.

The album is a return to the sound at the beginning of his career, giving the musicians space, while the addition of a more electronic sound firmly places the album as a contemporary piece.

The first single from the project is"Potremmo Ritornare" which has just gone straight to No.1 in the Italian charts.

Tiziano Ferro

Tiziano Ferro
was born on the 21st of February 1980. His mother was a housewife and his father a building surveyor. His family originated from Veneto in the region of Agro Pontino, Italy.

From an early age, Tiziano demonstrated a love and talent for music. When he was just five years old he had his first encounter with music when he received a keyboard for Christmas. He subsequently began writing, composing and recording his own songs on a very basic recorder. Two of the songs are featured at the end of his album Nessuno E' Solo (No One Is Alone) and were written when he was just six years old.

On October 26th 2001, Tiziano's first album Rosso Relativo was released. That same summer the debut single Xdono topped the charts and became a summer hit. Despite critics claiming that Tiziano was a bid to appeal to young female fans, noting in particular his charm and good looks, many younger audiences seemed to appreciate the originality of his song writing style. His meaningful lyrics about teenage struggles with self esteem cited in songs such as Mai Nata and L'Olimpiade combined with R&B sounds and overseas pop appealed on a much deeper level. Many fans now regard him as one of the greatest Italian singer song writers of all time. On November 7th 2003 Tiziano's autobiographic album 111 was published - 111 being the heaviest Tiziano weighed as a teenager. It sold over a million copies.

In 2004 Tiziano did a duet with Jamelia on the song Universal Prayer which was included in the album Thank You and on the compilation Unity: Athens 2004 which was the official hymn of the Athens Olympic Games. He also dubbed the character of Oscar in the Dreamworks cartoon Shark Tale (released in February 2005).

In 2006 the single Stop! Dimentica was released and immediately reached the top of the charts. June 23rd 2006 marked Tiziano's return to the music scene with the release of his album Nessuno E' Solo. The album was also published in Spanish Nadia Esta Solo and immediately charted at No.1 in Italy. It was number 1 for a month dominating the summer charts that year.

The 7th of November 2008 marked the release of his fourth album Alla Mia EtA in 42 countries and in two versions - one Italian and one in Spanish, A Mi Edad.

Inspired by his life experiences Tiziano does not ever stop writing. Two years after the release of the DVD and three years after the release of his last album, his new single "La Differenza Tra Me E Te" was released on the 14th October. In just a few days it reached No.1 on the radio and digital charts.

The song preceded the release of Tiziano's new album "L'Amore E' Una Cosa Semplice" which was released on the 28th of November. This is the fifth album by the Latina artist who after only 10 years and 4 albums has conquered the music world with his unique style and sound, becoming a recognizable name in the international pop scene.

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